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    Originally Posted by Felix_Kütt View Post
    As they remove the internal renderer Ton indicated interest in seeing the texture nodes re-implemented/designed as a more general purpose system IIRC. All it basically needs is an auto cache/bake feature for the end result.

    now if only that site was self contained and actually worked for me. But alas I don't trust random third party script hosts.
    Well, we also need roughness baking, which we can't do at all at the moment.
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    It's a scalar value, I don't see how that's an issue?
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    Dalai Felinto has been working on the ability for the outliner to apply filters to the list of items in the .blend file.

    By the looks of things, this should help greatly for locating objects in very complex files, this will make a lot of users happy (due to how they've been waiting for improvements in this area).
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