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    Originally Posted by Dantus View Post
    This is a generic implementation, which might as an example make it possible to use renderers like Hydra in the viewport. There is no specific code for Hydra. Also, I haven't read anywhere that there are actual plans to integrate it.
    Yep, no more plans. But at some point Ton was interested in it:

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    Originally Posted by Ko. View Post
    Yep, no more plans. But at some point Ton was interested in it:
    That's true. If I remember correctly, it was considered to use Hydra instead of developing Eevee from scratch, but there were technical reasons for not doing that. Unfortunately, I can't find the source, maybe because it was in the Blender Cloud podcast.Hopefully, I am not spreading wrong information.

    Edit: Found a source according to which the OpenGL version in Hydra was at least one of the reasons for not considering it.
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    zeauro, Dantus, Ko. : Thanks for the clarification. Although I realise that everything is WIP at this stage, I didn't realise the Clay and Workbench engines are just a proof of concept for now. I guess workbench and clay could get merged later on if it makes more sense to do that.

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