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    Originally Posted by voidcore View Post
    I got excited when I read this and downloaded the latest (march 18) build and tried on my MBP 2017 with AMD 560 pro. Still 1 fps in viewport with default cube for me so completely broken. Is this an AMD/OpenGL thing? Do you have an old nvidia card? (like 650m or 750m?)
    My computer utilizes only the integrated Iris Pro Graphics solution.

    Regardless, It is quite telling that I posed a question much similar to yours towards another user earlier on in this thread, just days before the situation improved on my end. Clearly, there are a lot factors being influenced right now, and it would not surprise me to see my performance regress in later builds.

    The only thing I know for sure is that the last few days has proved that 2.8 is capable of performing according to my needs. I'm sure, eventually, the same will hold true for you as well
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