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Thread: Blender 2.8 development thread (Widgets and Eevee)

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    That looks great. Eevee will be as good probably. Not sure if it will be capable of the same performance as UE4 tho.
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    Hi, donīt know if this was posted before but interesting anyway:

    Cheers, mib
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    Thanks for that mate. I was really surprised to see Parallax Occlusion Mapping which is, in my opinion, a big step forward regarding fake depth.

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    Today's 2.8 meeting

    The highlights, Sergey is almost finished with a major chunk of the depsgraph work and its inclusion will bring back the Modifiers and the Animation tools. There's also plans to possibly get Scorpion's long-awaited work on the fracture modifier merged in as well (due to the new design likely allowing for a proper integration). Other stuff includes Bastien's work on asset management and design work.

    In other news, Clement improved the drawing code for the viewport in general today and added AA and supersampling to Eevee.
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    Originally Posted by erickBlender View Post
    So, also from the dev notes:

    • Plan remains to bring back working 2.7x particles/modifiers in 2.8 first. A new nodes system for this is a more of a midterm project, and not a first 2.8 goal.
    Well there you have it. That's fine though. I didn't really expect to see modifier nodes with the first release of 2.8 (I'm going to start calling it 2.80 btw) anyway. I seem to remember that using the current particles and modifiers was the original plan anyway. It was actually a surprise to see Luca actively working on modifier nodes in the first place.

    Still, I'm very happy with Luca's design doc and can't wait to see how it all pans out. It looks like it's gonna be super great.

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    Nice write up. Might present some useful approaches to the Eevee / Viewport devs.

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