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    @Hadricus: yes, because its just a reflection, but the surface has altered normals, so it does reflect as if it would refract. meaning it can use screenspace relection enabled and it refracts all geometry. but the actual build already has refraction enabled, so my workaround is obsolete already...

    @Ethan Aeris: thx! the crossproduct is used to get a vector thats orthogonal onto both input vectors, the second crossproduct then achieves a vector thats 90 to the viewing angle, and looks "outwards" from the surfacecenter (outwards seen from cameraperspective) this is the "component" i use to swap reflection into refraction angles. my idea was initially that a chromeball reflects the whole environment. just use the desired points(normals) of the chromeball at the given surface to mimic the refracted environment.
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    I tried to convert the bmw27 blend file to eevee to looks as close as possible in blender. It's a 4k animation. I tried with 8K but blender just crashes.

    It has some flickering but I think it looks good enough. I just wish there was a slider for the resolution of the reflection.

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    bigbad, looks pretty close to me!

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    Does anyone know if there are plans to support tesselation shaders and displacement in eevee?

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    There's some weird geometry translation on eevee.

    Original scene here:

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    I believe it's because of the normals are limited at the moment.
    You can only use "smooth" and "flat" shading.
    If you try to edit the normals with - for example - the Blend4web addon it will crash Blender ( at least the last time I tried it ).

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    or you can separate the hard surface from the smooth surface.
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    A 'very' initial version of release notes for 2.8 is now on the wiki.

    Just a few minor points in a couple of areas for now, I would not expect a full list for a long while yet (not until 2.8 itself is on the verge of release).
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    Blender Developer Meeting Notes for Sunday 20th August 2017

    Hi all,

    Here are the notes from today's 14 UTC meeting in #blendercoders.

    1) Blender 2.79 release

    - The 2nd release candidate is available now.
    Check this page for download and list of fixes we did since 2.79 RC1.

    - List of reported regressions:

    - We will wait 1 week, and decide next Sunday meeting if we're ready for the actual release.

    2) Blender 2.8 projects

    - There's already a very early release log!

    - Joerg Mueller upgraded Audaspace, the audio library for Blender.

    - As usual, tomorrow morning the 2.8 team does a kick-off meeting and will send their report
    to this list as well. Meeting is CEST 10:00 in #blendercoders.

    3) GSoC and other projects

    - It's the last week, students will work on docs and presentation.
    When the reports are done, they will appear here:



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