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Thread: The Heart Game

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    Thanks a lot for the encouragement guys! It's great to know it's going in a good direction! I'll definitely be working on it still. I think it's probably been the funnest project I've ever gotten to work on

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    Hi AOL

    With the exception of really impressive and really impressed I do not have much else to say.



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    Hello and thanks a lot, Shaun! I’m glad it’s looking good! I honestly don’t know what to say either , other than thank you so much, and I really appreciate it!

    All of it has been such a new experience for me, that I really had no idea if any of it would even work in the end, and actually had quite a bit of trepidation about starting it with not knowing how to do any of it. So it’s great to have more feedback on it and know that’s it’s all looking good so far!

    So thanks again! It's been quite a fun and interesting adventure

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