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    how did you get the blue eye so bright ?
    any special nodes set up ?

    looking nice

    happy cl
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    Thanks. Making materials isn't my strongest part, so I keep them very basic. I think the effect you are talking about is mainly due to the colour correction. I constantly misjudge the intensity of lights in Blender, so when the render is complete, I often realise it is rather dull, which forces me to boost colours in Photoshop. Usually I crank up the levels and curves, and then overlaying blurred copy on top of the original image to make colours more rich and vibrant. That's pretty much it.

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    Animal anatomy practice. Revisiting old model.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    New Update.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hey Vir,really good models. About the critics,I don't have any becouse I don't know what you are aiming when you do these models
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    Hi, glad to hear you like my stuff. I dunno, I just make 3D without particular goals, mainly just for fun. These models of blue-haired and redhead girls are from my story. I'm planning to make illustrations with them, which will supplement the plot. I'm definitely not striving for photo-realistic result. I guess my main problems are in shading, lighting and rendering overall. I come back to Cycles from time to time, so every time I forget all the science behind it and forced to learn the nodes from scratch. Very often I have a particular look (shading) in my mind, but often fail to achieve it... sometimes just because Cycles is not allowing me to break the physics in favour of more artistic result. Most other issues are coming from my old PC, which makes the experimenting and rendering process really slow and painful (last portrait took 43 hours, and Strip checkers almost 60). I guess I just need a fresh set of eyes, that probably will help me to spot any issues and give valuable suggestions. But considering my characters are still mostly in rest poses, I guess there is not really much to add from viewer's side. Regardless, I am always grateful for any kind of advice.

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    New update. Lighting is good for body, but too spooky for her face.
    I need a vacation. I will disappear for month or so.
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