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@3D Upgrade Thank you, yes it's not a prank, it's real. Nice tutorials by the way, I have taken a quick look to them.

@bright1 Sorry, I haven't seen your question. Thats's a good point I will add it to the start post in the future.

It's not an addon, it's more like a library, your just need to copy the "custom_shaders" folder in the directory of your Projekt (Blend file) and attach the shader to your objects via Python/ -components like in the examples. If you use Python components you should call it with "shader_components.Wind".

Things to consider:

-The origion of the object should be on the bottom of the tree (roughly) because it will be used to determin the ground level (no wind area) you can adapt it also with the ground level setting. <-- maybe thats the reason why your trunk don't move.
-Also the scale of the object should be applied (Objectmode -> ctrl+A -> Scale)
-The trunk and the leaves should have the same wind settings otherwise they are out of sync (it's a limitation at the moment).

I hope, that helps you. If you have any further questions, just ask!
Thanks alot man, it now works fine