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Thread: Blender tabs Interface - Clean and fast blender UI

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    It would be great if we could reorder the tabs as we please. Right now the buttons are not ordered even alphabetically. Any chance you could look into that when you have the time and feel like improving it?

    By the way, the stuck button is a pain, to be honest.

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    I loved this concept and immediately tried to make it default for all my projects (it matches what I promoted way back, but you know how well THAT works when it involves the UI).

    However, it's just too unstable for my productivity and I reluctantly disabled it.
    I really think this kind of integration needs to be in the Blender core code (but then you can't sell it, right?)
    I am not interested in chasing down a bunch of issues.

    JFYI, here are some issues I can recall at the moment:
    -Lost the Transform panel for mesh objects in Edit mode.
    -Random panels will drop out into default mode and won't go into the tabs even if I toggle the Enable in Preferences.
    -Sometimes I get duplicate tabs.

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    Does anyone know how to change tab through code? I have managed to change sub-tab but It wont update main tabs through code... even with .redraw

    I wanted to basically make a pie menu to change addon tabs.
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