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    Orlando, Fl blender enthusiast!

    Hello everyone,

    i'm interested in creating a network of artist working with blender here in orlando, Fl and the surrounding areas. If you are a 3d modeler experienced or not, who is interested in gathering with other artist for knowledge and such, pm me or post a comment. I would like to meet up with each and one of the artist to further explain the idea.

    very respectfully,

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    Fredrix, it's going to be really hard to find Blender uses in one city alone. I am from Winter Park which is 5 minutes from Orlando, but now live in Virginia. If you look for users in the entire State of Florida you will have better luck. Of course you will probably find 2 or 3 maybe, but that's all I can see. Good luck and keep blendering!
    Please respect that I am not at a pro level yet.

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    Thank you for the advice Fayt, you are definitely right.

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    I'm in Orlando

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    Originally Posted by pacman829 View Post
    I'm in Orlando
    Hey packman829, pm me to see if we can meet up. I work almost everyday but i'd be nice to meet up.

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