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    command to toggle between rgb - alpha in the uv editor

    Hi, i don't want to do python coding, i just want to grab python code to be pasted in the hotkey editor. So in uv image editor , there's buttons at the bottom to switch display to show only rgb or alpha or red ...etc. I want to make this as a hotkey. How can i do this ? i tried to grab the command from info editor : bpy.context.space_data.draw_channels. So as any other command, i tried to paste the 'space_data.draw_channels' into the hotkey editor but it doesn't recognize this command. What the correct command should i use ?

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    Don't have time for a screenshot ,but you can go to hotkeys for 3d view and look for Context Set Enum for an example. Pretty much what you need is wm.context_set_enum under where you activate the hotkey(keymap id name). Then under Context Attributes: you need space_data.draw_channels. Then under Value: you put what you what it to select. Like for color, you what add 'COLOR', for color and alpha you would do 'COLOR_ALPHA'.

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