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    Shaders are faster, when they are cached. that means, that you gonna have to add the shader to the sourcecode or (c++ and glsl part.)
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    Hello! i used a bunch of code from this project and made some screen space raytraced global illumination in the bge.


    Also: glossy reflection using a Cook-Torrance BRDF


    No importance sampling just yet but i'll get to work on it when i get the time. (i will probably switch over to the Blinn BRDF, which already has simple expressions for importance sampling).

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    I've been having some fun learning to derive all of the formulas used in importance sampling. And even though this particular filter is becoming useless soon, i think it was worth it; it was hell of a lot of fun.

    By the way, you have to add three properties to the object to which you add this filter: a float called "roughness" (use the range -1 to 1), a float called "reflectance" (use the range 0 to 1) and an integer called "rays" (1 or higher should be fine).

    Anyways. New shiny update. I hope someone manages to get some use out of this.

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