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    View scripts so you can know if to trust them

    Upon opening downloaded blend files it occurs sometimes that a message appears about untrusted scripts and it gives you the option to enable them or ignore them, what I would like to know how to do is see what those scripts ARE. Is there any way to view those scripts so I can work out whether they can be trusted or not, I program in python quite a lot so I think I would be able to resonably tell by looking at the script whether it can be trusted, it's just that I've no idea how to find the script to look at. Can anyone say how to see the sccripts contained in a file, google is not being my friend for this, no clear results for "how to view blender scripts before trusting them". Yours appreciatively, Jackson

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    this error is designed to work with scripts that use drivers.

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    So how do I view the contents of drivers? Where can I find them? Also how do I look for any scripts in a file which are not drivers? Yours appreciatively, Jackson

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    I still haven't found a full answer. Any chance of some more tips? Yours appreciatively, Jackson

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    I've still found nothing online about this, there must be an answer but it's not anywhere obvious. There's plenty about what the blocking of scripts does and how to let them run or not, how to pick a default for trusting or not trusting... But even blender's manual/encylopedia has nothing on how to actually see all the scripts in a file. There really ought to be some explanation somewhere, can anyone help?

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