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    3D Model of a Submachine Gun w/ references

    I am no longer looking for help, I have found someone willing to model the weapon for me already.


    I'm looking for a modeler who could remodel a weapon from a particular game.

    I would like the model to be between low-med poly, without textures or anything of that kind, just a basic remodel of the weapon. Here are the references, with them being from different sorts of angles. Please ignore the scope on two of them, I don't want that part to be modeled.

    Payment would be done by PayPal, and I would offer up to 12$ for the finished remodel. You can take as much time as you need, I'm a very patient and friendly person.
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    You could probably try to find something similar at Blendswap, or any other 3D site offering assets for a low price or even for free. You weapon has many many details, I doubt $12 for modeling it will be enough. Normal maps are also required, otherwise it would be a high poly model mesh.

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    I am interested in modeling the gun for you!
    Do you perhaps know what is the exact name of the gun?

    And here is my Modeling Portfolio:

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    I am interested. Here is my portfolio:

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    Hi! I'm interested in modeling that gun for you! Here are some of my work I've done ! I've used blender for two years almost solely for modeling.

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    Hey! I'd love to help you with this . I have experiance modelling guns in low poly for game design, feel free to pm me if you want. Ill be happy to do this for $5, and ill be ready with it in 1-2 weeks.


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    I don't download from mediafire, do you think that there is another way to show the image?

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