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    Ah hiding yes i see, i still have a bit of trouble going back and forth through pose>select bone>object>mesh>ctrl+tab>select bone again cause it never selected>use z in weight paint>cant select still>go back>repeat in all different orders until it works(i want weight paint mode with right click select blue highlight pose bone from visible, if that makes sense)> its basically a clusterfuck of 6 different modes in certain orders over a mesh and armature. if only it work 100% of the time it wouldnt be so annoying... if that makes sense to you.

    another random thing i have is a psychological mental one where if im looking around with mesh only looking at the head my brain makes me think im rotating around 1 direction when its really the other direction because of how symmetrized it is, anyone else experienced this atleast once before? very rare though, but i thought it was hilarious and wanted to see if others notice it lol.
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