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    how can i export the video edit/cut to edl ?

    Is it possible to export/import edl to the VSE ? i can't find these functions in the menu ?

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    IIRC it did work a long time ago, but it is only an EDL importer.
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    The edl import is still working(if you feed it with correctly formated edl files(with no spaces in reel names)), however it is not accurate with longer video clips. Read up on the bug in this thread:

    There is no EDL export from Blender, though it might be very useful for ex. color grading in Davinci Resolve or for daw work.

    My guess is that someone with a bit of Blender python talents would be able to whip it together in less than a day.

    The data extraction might be found in the Blender Velvets python script and the Edl generation might be taken from this python script:

    [EDIT: My attempt to code up some edl export:! ]
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