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    Mixamo to Rigify script

    I've been working on a means to have the rather nice envelope (Weight Paint) of Mixamo and the quite nice control rig of Rigify. I have a very very basic knowledge of python. I was able to get as far as renaming the mixamo vertex groups to the rigify ones. However, the mixamo rig is missing several features, which requires some mixamo vertex groups to be duplicated. I tried to code that in but had no luck, so currently that's manual. There are also still tweaks that need to be made with the envelope afterward, namely the upper arms and fingers. Current problems aside, this script has made my process quite a bit faster, and I know it could be made better and faster, I just don't have the skill and knowledge to do it. If anyone is interested in bettering this, that would be fantastic. If anyone has any tips or resources for coding with blender, that would also be fantastic.
    Here is the script:
    Here is a model from fuse (Mixamo's character generator):
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    I can't help, but I too would be interested in such a script.

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    Originally Posted by mzprox View Post
    I can't help, but I too would be interested in such a script.
    If you happen to know anyone who might be interested and capable of helping, please pas it along. Thanks.

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