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    First, My Blender is in C://Program File and windows hide other apps in the "User" folder, so I had to look for it in Blender "User Preference - File" copy and then paste into Windows folder address to locate it. My initial tests is that the "replace last" causes crash "unable to write into file C://..." or didn't register until the second attempt, I see two of the same decal.

    Wasn't mention in previous posts, seems only happen to me.
    To report errors, see and do it via email and show me the actual error messages.
    Make sure DM is not installed in the Progamm files folder, no 3rd party addon should be installed in there in fact.

    Your 'Replace Last' error with decal creation is very likely directly related to installing DM in Program Files, which you are explicitely told not to do.
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    Thanks, I managed to un-hide AppData folder and placed the files in the right location, so far so good.
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