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  • Aidan

    1 1.14%
  • Aravinda

    1 1.14%
  • BackiZ

    23 26.14%
  • bicmedic

    1 1.14%
  • DracoFodder

    1 1.14%
  • Elbow

    0 0%
  • Elrond

    1 1.14%
  • Fallen

    5 5.68%
  • Job

    0 0%
  • Marcoscosci

    0 0%
  • nico

    8 9.09%
  • Obiwan_C

    0 0%
  • Robertt

    2 2.27%
  • Sago

    27 30.68%
  • skating kow

    1 1.14%
  • Slange

    0 0%
  • SoloCreator

    7 7.95%
  • Static

    0 0%
  • xm4r5h4llx

    1 1.14%
  • BgDM

    8 9.09%
  • DwarvenFury

    0 0%
  • Sily

    1 1.14%
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Thread: Challenge #150 SPECIAL EDITION Voting CLOSED

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    Challenge #150 SPECIAL EDITION Voting CLOSED

    This week's theme: [color=white]A blended mix[/color]

    [color=yellow]Pure Entries[/color]
    [color=cyan] Aravinda [/color]
    [color=cyan] BackiZ [/color]
    [color=cyan] bicmedic [/color]
    [color=cyan] DracoFodder [/color]
    [color=cyan] Elbow [/color]
    [color=cyan] Elrond [/color]
    [color=cyan] Fallen [/color]

    [color=cyan] Job [/color]
    [color=cyan] Marcoscosci [/color]
    • A disco in my city was called 'the mix' (maybe two 'x's). And a disco is the perfect place to see all sorts of colours mixed. Now the disco is replaced by a Chinese food takeaway.
      So here's my entry. The extremely tidy disco: the Blended mix

    [color=cyan] nico [/color]
    [color=cyan] Obiwan_C [/color]
    [color=cyan] Robertt [/color]
    [color=cyan] Sago [/color]
    [color=cyan] skating kow [/color]
    [color=cyan] Slange [/color]
    [color=cyan] SoloCreator [/color]
    [color=cyan] Static [/color]
    [color=cyan] xm4r5h4llx [/color][/list:u:9519c49dfc]
    [color=yellow]Open Entries[/color]
    • [color=cyan] BgDM [/color][list:9519c49dfc]
      Four older models mixed into a sort of bust sculpture thingy. Still put a lot of work into joinging all these meshes up. Was actually kind of a pain in the ass.

    [color=cyan] DwarvenFury [/color]
    [color=cyan] Sily [/color]
    • "In Greek Mythology, Chimera was one of the offspring of Typhon and Echidna. Descriptions vary – some say she had the body of a goat, the hindquarters of a snake or dragon and the head of a lion, though others say she had heads of both the goat and lion, with a snake for a tail. All descriptions, however, agree that she breathed fire from one or more of her heads."

    Remember, as this is a special edition, the winner will get to choose his prize from the blender3d e-shop.
    Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans.
    - John Lennon

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    Lots of good entries. I went with Robertt, it just looks so good on my screen.

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    May 2004
    It was tough to decide. I can see noobs probably worked just as hard as the non-noobs.

    A few entries didn't look like they were part of this week's theme, so I couldn't honestly consider them, but in general, good work everyone (is this Paula Abdul review that I just gave?)

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    Oct 2003
    Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    Hard to decide between so many great entries. Voted for Backiz, but also liked the images from BgDM, Sago, Robertt and nico.

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    May 2004
    The Netherlands
    Voted for Fallen, simple but convincing and realistic.

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    May 2002
    Milky Way Galaxy
    I voted for nico because he made me laugh. I loved the characters.

    Robertt's was excellent, I loved it, but... it wasn't funny.
    "If we shadows have offended, Think but this, and all is mended, That you have but slumber'd here. While these visions did appear." - William Shakespeare
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    Jan 2005
    Voted for Sago, very good

    here's a personal favourite list

    number 1/ Gold:Sago
    5: Fallen
    6: Elrond
    7: Solocreator
    8: Robertt

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    I like SoloCreaters entry. I just wish he had a bigger render. It looks almost as if it were scaled down. Any chance for a bigger render SoloCreater? Anway, that's who got my vote.


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    voting for sago ( again ),....good character,.....great lighting.
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    Lots of great entries! You guys give me something to aspire to. I voted for BackiZ because I liked the character and the overall effect. But I must say I was particularly impressed with DracoFodder, Fallen, nico, Sago & Sily.

    Good work ya'll!
    * Homr Zodyssey *

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    vote: BackiZ. very nice work everyone [!]

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    Voted for BgDM, Just great style !
    other entries are also great, but unforunately most of them aren't really an interpretation of the topic "A blended mix"... or I just don't understand it ;-)

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    voted for backiz. was a hard choice, bit there were a couple entry's i didn't thought it came a long with the idea of the topic, so that made the choici slightly easier

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    Oct 2004
    BackiZ, you're breath is warm and sweet.... I should know, 'cause I've been feeling it the last 2 days in my neck. spannennnnnd!

    Lotsa comments about some of the work not being topic-related enough. Understandible, I myself have sometimes doubts about a work and the topic. But I also think it's great when someone can take the topic and make it their own. Make something you wouldn't expect, something to think about. It doesn't always have to be so obvious (I prefer not). Work like nico's is an example I still haven't figured out. But it looks fun and good, and I'm sure he has his own great idea behind the topic. So please, stay openminded (not to open, or your brains fall out).

    Anyway, I voted SoloCreator. Great work, that didn't get the votes it deserved.

    3.. 2.. 1.. Sago
    Never put your finger in a dyke

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    Hamburg, Germany
    I was already thinking most of the comments about relation to the topic were addressed at me. Where is Captain Obvious when you need him?

    That big ogre-like creature likes to have a blended mix of those little colorful (and tasty) people for his evening meal. Like Jelly Beans.
    There are only 10 kinds of people: Those who understand binary and those who donīt.

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    Don't worry Nico, I got it. Very nice render too.
    * Homr Zodyssey *

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    Netherlands, yeah the home of blender!
    lol sago :P how does my breath smell huh? :P

    You'll win anyway. I didn't know how your image related to the topic, till I read it in your finished projects topic. I see my guess on nico's image was correct
    I think all images without a blender are well done (hint for those with a blender, be original even if it's hard ). And I have to say I like yours (sago) too. The same style like "the red button".

    But the best thing is that I blended a full day since a looooong long looooong (etc.) time. (call it a huge blenderblock). So i've had my joy. You may win .

    Thanks to those 20 who voted for me
    I am Dutch! I use Blender!
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    The smoker in me voted for Elbow, superb idea, one very close to my heart.

    However the 3d artist in me voted for Elrond, my fav entry of all.

    Had I remembered to check for the topic, I'd have entered this one, perhaps this week.


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    Originally Posted by BackiZ
    Thanks to those 20 who voted for me
    22 now :P

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    Montreal, Canada
    Winner: Sago, with 30% of the votes


    Originally Posted by final voting statistics
    Aidan 1% [ 1 ]
    Aravinda 1% [ 1 ]
    BackiZ 27% [ 23 ]
    bicmedic 1% [ 1 ]
    DracoFodder 1% [ 1 ]
    Elbow 0% [ 0 ]
    Elrond 1% [ 1 ]
    Fallen 6% [ 5 ]
    Job 0% [ 0 ]
    Marcoscosci 0% [ 0 ]
    nico 8% [ 7 ]
    Obiwan_C 0% [ 0 ]
    Robertt 2% [ 2 ]
    Sago 30% [ 25 ]
    skating kow 1% [ 1 ]
    Slange 0% [ 0 ]
    SoloCreator 8% [ 7 ]
    Static 0% [ 0 ]
    xm4r5h4llx 1% [ 1 ]
    BgDM 8% [ 7 ]
    DwarvenFury 0% [ 0 ]
    Sily 0% [ 0 ]
    Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans.
    - John Lennon

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