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    Kitchen Recreation

    Hi guys,

    Here is my attempt to recreate my kitchen in blender using filmic blender. Any comments / critiques are very welcome and much needed, so if you have any thoughts on this one please share them with me so that I can improve my work.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    There is not to much to be said her, you've left nothing at all, great work ended, Just a fast question, how did you made the glass shader to be transparent and reflected at the same time,? When I do that, the 2 faces of the glass get reflected or don't get anything at all,

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    Looking great! Well detailed, nice materials, really good work.

    Only two things are bugging me.
    - Why the skewed angle? :/ what's the purpouse? To me it's only annoying. Gratuitous tilting of the camera does not make the image any more interesting IMHO.
    - For the ammount of light that is coming from the outside the exterior trees behind the window look extremely dim. I don't think you could achieve that even by some serious HDR bracketing. If it's photorealism you are after I think this ruins it a little. If taken by a normal camera the exterior would be extremely overblown. With hdr I think it would still be brighter...

    Total details:
    - the bright red toaster in the corner there seems to kind of draw too much attention.
    - for some reason the oven material seems a little weird to me. Not sure why though . maybe a little too plastic? should it be more reflective?
    - The handels on the top of cupboards? I get that one could be a dishwasher, but does the rest really open from the top as well?
    - No light switch or electrical outlet anywhere? :P

    really good work man! (or woman).

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    Thank you both very much for your comments.

    alf0 I avoid using the glass shader although there are certain items in this scene that use the glass shader. Instead I prefer using a combination of transparent and glossy which pretty much does the work. I actually came across that shader tip some time ago in this forum and it proved very handy.

    .Adam. your comments are valuable. You know when sometimes you are into a project that much, you lose perspective and you need someone to point out the mistakes.

    I totally agree with you on the handles of the cupboards and the power supply. I totally forgot to place any light switches or electric outlet and two of the cabinets are dysfunctional!

    As far as the oven material is concerned I tried to approximate my sister’s oven which is pretty much the same. The paint seems to have some sort of enamel quality with little reflection and that was the closest I could get.

    When it comes to the toaster I believe that balances somehow the green color which prevails on the right half of the picture.

    I will make the adjustments you’re suggesting regarding the camera angle and the lighting hoping to achieve a more balanced and photorealistic result. Since I’m rendering on cpu, that might take some time (last render took 18 hours!).

    Thanks again!

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    That's the node set up. In case you want your glass to have a certain tint you can connect a volume absorption node to the volume and give it the color you want.

    Hope that helps!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Originally Posted by Fuzision View Post
    Since I’m rendering on cpu, that might take some time (last render took 18 hours!).
    Oh yeah, I know that feeling . Be sure to share when you re-render, really cool image.

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