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    Mirroring(?) doesn't work


    I am new to blender and I am trying to model a handgun based on a tutorial I found
    In 14:22, he is doing stuff with the middle of the model, but I don't have a line there.

    Here is what it looks like for me:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I turned Mirror on but it does not fix it, I can't make it thinner.

    Can you help me?

    (also I hope that this is the right section!)

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    Welcome to the forum. Yes, this is the right section.

    You need to create a loop cut in the middle of the model. Ctrl+R, left click when you see the pink line to confirm where you want the loop cut, the cut will slide so you have to right click afterwards to cancel the slide. With the loop cut vertices highlighted/selected, press Shift+S and select "cursor to selected" and then press tab to go to object mode and press Shift+ctrl+alt+C and choose "origin to 3d cursor".

    Once that is done, go to front view of your object (num1 by default, num3 in your case since your object is rotated) and tab into edit mode, use box selected B and select all the vertices on one side (do not touche the vertices in the middle) and delete them X.

    All that is left now is to tab into object mode, press ctrl+A and select apply rotation and scale and then add a mirror modifier.

    This might sound like a long workaround but it usually doesn't take longer to do than 5 to 10 seconds once you are familiar with Blender.

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    Have to add cuts around the whole thing, but also around the inside of the trigger guard. After the steps, mirror modifier should mirror along Y axis, default is X.

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    A quick way would be to use symetrize, that would automatically put a centre line in. You could then work on it further.

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