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Thread: New F-Curve Smoothing mode in review for 2.8 (with 2.79 RC test build)

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    Hello angavrilov
    Great work!
    May be i can help you.
    Do you know about Spiro curves? For ex in Inkscape

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    Originally Posted by brothermechanic View Post
    Hello angavrilov
    Great work!
    May be i can help you.
    Do you know about Spiro curves? For ex in Inkscape
    Spiro curves are really great but not really applicable to F-Curves in this case. For regular curves then you may have a better use case in which case you need to find a developer interested in porting the code from Inkscape.

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    Made a new build based on 2.79 RC2. I also started on getting the changes reviewed for inclusion and made a couple of changes:

    • Following some received feedback, I replaced the smoothing checkbox with a dropdown and changed the way the setting is stored. My build contains some code to convert the old format on file load, but it won't be merged so official blender won't read this setting stored by previous builds.

    • Now Copy To Selected and Alt-click work with the new setting (and also the old display color dropdown) so it is possible to change it for all selected curves at once.

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    Originally Posted by angavrilov View Post
    Basically, in 2.4* f-curves simply had an extrapolation setting that could be constant, linear, or cycle. Then the cycle mode was changed into a modifier in order to add extra options to it; however this separation means that adding cycle aware handle smoothing requires hacks in the code. On the other hand restoring the simple infinite cycle setting allows nice code for smoothing, but results in either redundancy (both modifier with defaults and the 'new old' f-curve option do basically the same thing) or loss of additional options.

    So I wonder how many people actually use those advanced options as opposed to just the default modifier added by Shift-E => Make Cyclic.
    Oooooh. Now I understand. So then, no, I don't ever use the extra options for the cycle modifier. I usually just set it and forget it. Now with the handles being continuous, it's even more set it and forget it. I'm not saying the loop settings are useless but I just never use them.

    Also, If I was needing the cycle to last for a specific number of cycles I could just make it into an action and put it in the NLA editor and control the looping parameters there. This also allows you to control the other settings of the modifier which is to set the repeat to only happen before or after the cycle. Which doesn't even sound practical in the first place. But even still, the NLA gives you all these features as well.

    To be honest this isn't a very good strata of users to be making this decision. What, like 4 or 5 people consistently posting in here? We need a LOT more people to chime in here. I'd really love to know what the guys who worked on the open movies think of these features.


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    It's probably so technical in here that most people don't understand what's it about...

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    I'm not currently using this because I have this thing where I have to download the daily builds for whatever reason, and this particular thing isn't up with or in daily.
    I'm using the addon, so if anything significant has or will change between the results, I would be unaware. That being said:

    I don't really notice it at times but the default interpolations/timing seems to get really janky unexpectedly but the auto curve evaluation from this method really smooths it out and I just realized that the Clamping option (addon) both does the smoothing thing I like while also not overshooting things how the Auto Curve thing works.

    Last time when I tried the build version of this, I recall it only doing an automatic interpolation (overshoot) but I don't remember anything about there being an automatic "clamped" interpolation.

    If there wasn't one, I really believe it should be added. Honestly, I believe it's smooth enough to replace the default Auto-Clamp.

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    This looks really promising, should allow for animating with much less tweaking of keyframes at those transitional poses. I also like how new keyframes don't alter the existing curves. I haven't done much testing in production, but this feels like one of those quality of life features you wonder how you could've lived without. Thank you for your work and I hope it gets accepted into 2.8.

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