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    Your expert sounds really interesting. I hope you know what they are talking about. I also hope they know what you are talking about.

    I'll rephrase again. Blender has only one type of physics. What you referred to be the 'difference' between 'different physics mode' is only caused by the hard rules of the different rendering mode.

    Cycle renders frame by frame, with a lot of time in between for your code to calculate anything.

    B.Internal also renders frame by frame.

    BGE renders in real-time, each frame only contains a few tens of miliseconds for your code to return any data.

    That affects your 'accuracy'.

    You have 2 choices. If your project output is a video file without interaction, you can use all of the modes.

    If your project output has to be interactive, you have to use BGE or UE4.

    End of discussion. And good luck.

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    As I previously stated: Blender uses a "State+Event>>Operate>>Draw" loop.
    This is the same for bge, bi, cycles, or any other render engine. In terms of coding it's basically the same with any of them. The main difference is each render requires a different time to draw. And the same goes for the physics.. You can have a very complex physics setup that takes more to calculate, or you can simplify physics to a minimum for speed. This is the same for any engine, as when the 'operate' part is finished, you can call the draw function to show what changes you did perform. So it's only up to you to choose: do you need something with a frame rate above 30fps, or do you want to just run a simulation (note that simulations often take some time to be done), and then render the simulation result? You can even render at each simulation step, if you want.

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    Don't need interactivity. In Cycles I can setup things in the world like "hello there" etc beforehand ifffff must. Plus could get it later by code I bet. Cycles has viewport for real-time.

    Movie yes, of the simulation of the AI however. BGE will cut me on logic/graphic/animation/physics/realtime-interactivity, no matter my computer because python can't use GPU. I chose Cycles.

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    I urge you once again to do more reading and research. Please start with something simpler as a prototype to build off of.
    You will run into frustration, I guarantee it. You don't know enough about what you are trying to do to communicate clearly what you are trying to do, how are you going to do it if you can't even communicate it clearly?

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