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    Is this Possibleto Render??

    I was recently using blender and found out that my PC was striving to cop up with it. Im a one off user and trying to work on this for multiple day. I was trying to make a intro video for my you tube channel and installed blend for only a one time use. After downloading a template from the youtube and work to my satisfactory. But i cant render it. It takes long hours and i cant turn on becz i will be using others and my cant be left on for all time and while other times i will be under heavy cpu and gpu load ( it will pull both my games and blender). But the funny part is it is only a couple of sec. So I would like to ask if u guys had a pc which has some good specs, could u guyz render it and sent me the video.... I had a tolerable speed for internet and will download it from u.. Im a growing youtuber . I will attach the blend file and the music folder ( since the audio is adjusted without trimming the original song). Pls could u guyz do the 'RENDER' only for my work . U guyz dont need to edit it atleast once becz it a finished product. After rendering the output, can u guyz add it on Google drive and put a link here as a answer.This is the link for the file : . It would be appreciate becz it couldnt cost u anything and it will be a help. Hopefully writting . Youtube channel link : . Sub me and watch a couple of vidz so u can find me.

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    I have started. Have sent PM also.

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    If someone has already finished your request, remove it so others aren't wasting time reading your request
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