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    Is it possible to hack Cycles Physics libs into BGE for better physics simulations?

    Is it possible to hack Cycles Physics libs into BGE for better physics simulations?

    I keep thinking about the Bullet Physics page below:
    And thinking, is it telling me to upgrade the bullet physics in BGE on my own using python...


    Is it possible to, after export a animation from BGE for rendering in Cycles, hack on softbody and more to redo some of the physics? I heard on Stack Exchange you can redo softbody, but that would change history in the scene lots, unless is just for show.......

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    Any idea what that page is saying about the "latest Bullet Physics" version?...It's like it's saying to upgrade the Physics Engine with the latest one, in Blender possibly...

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    I think the Blender uses bullet physics anyway. I dont think Cycles has its own physics engine , I fail to see how that would benefit cycles anyway.

    At least that the vibe I am getting when reading this

    Well you dont need to upgrade BGE , you could use an external library which is what pyBullet is or something else. The only thing it concerns me is that you will be doing it in python and if you have to copy mesh data python it may get really slow.

    Upgrading the Bullet engine may not be that simple, Blender will have to be rebuilt and the new lib must be compatible with the old or else you will have to hack a lot of C code.

    If you really start having high demands I would advise to look into a more powerful engine like Unreal which both free and open source and far more powerful than BGE. Powerful engines are much more popular because you avoid the pain of having to worry about things like this. <--- This my blog, you will find things i make here like music, 3d and 2d graphics and python programming.

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