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    Loki Render Saving Empty Files

    So I'm trying to do a render with Loki render, and it's saving the frames as xxx.png', with an apostrophe! The file size is zero bytes. I'm using my computer as a master+grunt, but when I add other computers they save as the same thing.

    I have tried with Cycles and Blender Internal rendering, my larger scene and a default cube, low and high samples, and low and high resolution... still saves as .png'.

    If I delete the apostrophe from the name so it reads xxx.png, Windows says it can't read the picture because it is empty.

    Any ideas what is going on??

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Seems that his issue is solved in this build:
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    TheBounty renderer project:

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    Hey, thanks so much! Indeed, it appears Loki is unable to send the frames back to the master. However, they are saved under users -> myusername -> .loki -> tmp.

    Hopefully the java fix will be implemented soon.

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