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    RobertT - Recent Weekend Challenge Works and Favorite Finished Projects

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    It has been a while since I posted anything in Finished Projects, and I thought I'd catch up and share with you some of my favorite Blender projects over the past couple of years.

    These projects were created and finalized in Blender using procedural textures and the internal renderer with render nodes.

    Many, if not most of these, are Blender Artist Weekend Challenge projects.

    I really enjoy the constraints of the challenge as well as the more general challenge of exploring Blender's creative potential in various ways.

    The truth is, I have yet to exhaust that potential, and, there is much I have yet to learn and explore. For me, it's an endless adventure and education!

    Thank you for viewing my works, and many thanks to this community and all the developers who have helped to make Blender what it is today.


    (Please click/tap images once or twice to view them at full resolution.)

    Cygnus Ascension

    Escaping Extinction

    Communication Theory




    Facing the Dragon, Yourself

    Paleolithic Passage

    Scuff, the Staticky Dragon

    The Doubter, the Dreamer, and the Doer

    Punked and Steamed

    The Danger of an Unread Book

    Gingerassic World

    Weightlessly Waiting for Light

    Intervals (Between Silence and the Notes)

    Fearless through the Shadow Valley

    Her Debussian Ring Tone

    Humanizing the Machine

    Letting Machines Do All the Thinking

    Blues Guitarist

    Flame-Resitant Moth

    The Wonders of Learning

    The Good Troll



    Beyond the World You Know

    Uncertainty Principle

    Faith Moves Mountains

    Transcendental Etude

    The Radiance of Stars Is Wthin You

    Beyond Yourself

    Time Past

    Let Freedom Ring


    To Understand More about the Universe


    You can explore more of my recent and past works at my website.

    Thanks again for checking out my stuff!

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    Incredible stuff, Robert T. Punk and steamed, and scuff a couple of my favorites. Truly inspiring, and I really mean that. I saw the Good Troll, and sculpted a Bad Troll that same weekend. Keep on keepin' on!
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    Photox: Thank you so very much for your response. As long as I've been using Blender, I know I can go further, and I have been trying to do that in recent years, building on experiences while trying new things. Your artistic efforts and successes are also admirable and impressive.

    I have always been thankful for the encouragement and support this community has provided over the years, and, just to be able to post these images at this point here means a lot.

    I wish you and all my fellow Blender artists all the best and look forward to seeing more amazing works.


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    It has been a long while, Robert. Great to see you here again.

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