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    If OpenSource is FREE, how exactly does "FREE" KILL the DEVELOPMENT of OpenSource ???
    Is it Because $ motivates developers? That actually depends on the indvidual....
    Good! I agree with you! Continue, OpenSource CCO 1 must be free!
    Congratulations for your job and thanks so much.
    Words are Images that loosed Light!
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    Thank you Spirou4D !!!


    I find it quite amusing you keep coming back and posting after you say you're done...

    Am I posting to your threads? NO

    Am I telling others NOT to purchase your addons? NO

    Do I say Blender Addons should be FREE and Authors ask for donations to support them? YES

    Am I butt hurt ? NO

    Do I feel like I've done wrong? NO

    You say , quote:

    "I only have a concern for Blender's future because I want blender to be a Professional tool, with a professional team of developers to support it. INCLUDING ADDON DEVELOPERS.

    If you think that's bad idea, I'm out."


    So you want Blender to become a commercial software, like Maya ???
    People already use Blender Professionally, many TV commercials are using it...
    So does that mean, Blender needs to transition from OSL to Commercial License ?
    So only "PROFESSIONALS", such as yourself ( i assume ), are allowed to contribute
    to Blender / develop addons ? That is NOT how OPENSOURCE works!

    Since I am not a "PROFESSIONAL", my contribution doesn't "count" or "help" Blender?

    What Rubbish!

    You accuse me of killing a non-free addon, then talk about "ONLY PROESSIONALS"
    may develop addons.... WTF are you on ?

    If some "amateur" new kid in town, fresh off the streets, rivals or threatens, quote, "PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPERS" --- what does that say about YOU ? These are YOUR words, NOT MINE.

    You act like Blender is a COMMERCIAL software --- Reality check! IT IS OPENSOURCE !!!

    Your expectations are sure to disappoint you, if that's what you are thinking.

    My 1 little "FREE" addon has slaughtered developers/development, crashed the market,
    and now even Blender itself is threatened ???

    What kind of drugs are you taking that makes you believe that?

    Based on what you keep saying, you say that by spreading the idea to "keep opensource free",
    or as in your poor attempt of a "Historical story of slavery and rewards" that by "being better" and
    setting an example of higher standards affects "businesses" --- Which is clearly about MONEY or PROFITS

    I do not operate a "business" - I donate my time to opensource, because that is what I believe.
    You say "FREE" is unfair competition - You are mistaken. "FREE" creates a standard and motivates others
    to be more innovative to create something even better. Which in turns, makes Blender even BETTER.

    You seem to have much fear concerning "FREE" and the idea that because Blender is FREE opensource, that its
    addons should be as well. You are scared your "business" might crumble if everyone decides they don't want any
    "rewards" for "buying slaves" --- as you put it.

    So "PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPERS" only develop for CA$H,
    anyone who develops for FREE is NOT a "PROFESSIONAL" developer,
    and therefore should be banned from making any contributions ????

    If there are "NO REWARDS" then you have no desire to develop addons for Blender?
    Sounds like you love MONEY more so than BLENDER, based on your statements,
    whereas I say, "F" the money, I love Blender. Don't you see the difference?

    I must have done a really bang-up job slapping this addon together, for you to feel Sooooo Butt hurt...
    How dare some "unprofessional" developer give away something, when a "PROFESSIONAL" developer wants CA$H for theirs.... I should be executed in public for committing this atrocious crime against Blender and "PROFESSIONAL" ADDon Developers!!!


    Keep on BUTT HURTING

    You need to try much harder to convince me what you are attempting to say,
    because I am just not getting it.

    It would not surprise me if you are using this addon, while at the same time, posting your "ass is on fire" comments in my thread!

    Feel free, and provide me some more entertainment, I love a good laugh!
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    Loud and twisted. Go on.

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    you are the one who sounds like a complete idiot!

    Loud & Twisted? Funny, those are YOUR "twisted" quotes !!!!

    "slaves & rewards" , Blender should be "PROFESSIONALS" only ?????


    ... and the sign says you got to have a membership card to get inside !!!!

    ha ha ha!

    You keep saying you are done here, yet you can't resist coming back for more!
    Pop another pill, smoke some more, have a drink, or whatever it is you do!

    I have NOT posted a single comment in any of YOUR threads,
    yet you fill mine with so much butt hurtz....

    If anything, this just shows YOUR LEVEL OF DISRESPECT towards
    "unprofessional" developers not developing for ca$h money.

    Please do tell me another story, I am dying for some more laughs!

    You really should QUIT "PROFESSIONALLY" developing Blender addons,
    and take up becoming a STAND UP COMEDIAN, because YOU are killing it !

    Your turn!
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    Originally Posted by bossco View Post
    I LOL. Why would I be done when you kept framing me? Rather, I find it entertaining, and decided to hop back in for fun.

    I'll give you a puzzle: Can you quote me directly that I meant anything you've claimed?

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    aw, that all you got?

    no more history lessons ? Bite of more than you can chew?

    You disappoint me now

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    Originally Posted by TeaCrab View Post
    I am butt hurt about what you are presenting and how you are presenting it, but my concern over what you are trying to do is not at all invalid. I'll tell you a story of an ancient time, and leave it at that.

    Nations were at war. And people are captured and sold as slaves. When the merchants see slaves from their own nation, they will buy back these slaves, and the nation would reward these merchants. One time, a student of a well-known scholar, educated and wealthy, bought slaves from another nation, but refused the nation's reward. He expected compliment from his mentor. But the mentor did not compliment him. The mentor says:"Everyone else accepted the reward. You didn't. Now, if anyone else accept these rewards, they'll be viewed as worse than you. If they don't accept the reward, they will not be able to grow their business. In turn, no one will buy back our nation's slaves. You showed that you are better, but those slaves captured by other nation will never come home, our nation loses people, and the merchants lose their ability to show their good heart. Your action to show your own selflessness, hurts everyone else's benefits."

    That's all I want to tell. You can ignore this story or don't. I've done what I can in your case, for this community.
    Here's one of your raw quotes

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    If you think I have a problem with you contributing to Blender Community? Nah. I welcome that. If you think I am afraid of you making free addons and take away my revenue, or anyone's revenue? Now I'm REALLY afraid because you have a grudge with me. LMAO.

    I only have a concern for Blender's future because I want blender to be a Professional tool, with a professional team of developers to support it. INCLUDING ADDON DEVELOPERS.

    If you think that's bad idea, I'm out.
    and another raw quote

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    I don't have to "twist" your words... Anyone can clearly see what you said.

    Also, i don't have a grudge against you.

    You appear to be the be-grudged one here.

    After all, who is posting to whose threads?

    *** FACT ***

    If I had a grudge, I would spam every one of YOUR THREADS....
    I have yet to post so much as a single comment in any of yours.

    You are the one who made the decision to jump in here with all of your emotional butt hurtz
    and spam mine, making you look rather foolish.

    ************************************************** ****************

    Because I say "keep opensource FREE, and addon developers should not sell addons for opensource, but rather ask for donations for monetary support", means I have a big grudge against you?


    Continue to "PROFE$$IONALLY" develop and $ELL YOUR Blender ADDOn$

    Likewise, I stand behind my beliefs of "KEEP OPENSOURCE FREE", and ANY ADDON
    I develop will ALWAYS be FREE.

    I commend any other "unprofessional" addon developers who also share the concept

    Plain and simple.

    OpenSource is intended for ALL to contribute freely, and is intended to be free.
    Whether they are, as you put it, "PROFE$$IONAL" or not
    "PROFE$$IONAL" ONLY is NOT your decision to make for Opensource Blender !

    I may completely disagree with others capitalizing and profiting off of OpenSource,
    but that DOES NOT MEAN I HATE. Just to make that perfectly clear.
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    I don't see myself claiming "Blender should be "PROFESSIONALS" only" in those quotes. Note: "ONLY".

    I also don't see myself twisting anything in the story I paraphrased from Confucius. If any, your interpretation of the story made the link between "slaves" and "addons".

    Would you like to try again? I don't mind being an ass-hole, douche-bag, idiot, dumb-ass, or just straight stupid, when the person I'm talking to, is one of them. I don't remember you apologize to anyone so, there is no point for me to stop, since I've ran out of respect for you long-long-long ago.

    Has the story broken you? If you feel psychologically unstable, I suggest you go to seek help of a doctor.


    Oh, I must agree, you did "kinda" apologized. Too bad, I ran out of respect for you and did not read.

    If you see this. Please work on your respect and I shall not treat you as an ass-hole from now on.

    If you agree, you can delete this post. And I won't give you more trouble if you don't provoke me or others. Remember, I don't mind becoming a douche-bag, to fight another douche-bag.

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    You can't break me with your BS, first off.

    You implied those associations with your story... and I am not a Budhist, so I don't give a "F" anyways

    you got some serious mental issues apparently, and are the one who needs to seek immediate PROFESSIONAL help.
    Please call 1-800-BUT-HURT right away. Someone is standing by to listen and help.

    you just dont know when to call it quits, and move on, do you?
    After all, I'm not the sore one with a flaming ass here.

    I never asked for any of your respect.
    If you wish to show disrespect, so be it - that is a reflection of YOU

    keep on back pedalling
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    Praise the Lord

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    Jeez, what a bunch of name calling kiddies. GROW UP


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