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    [ADDon] 2nd Release! FREE "3D ONION TOOLZ SKINZ" b2 ( Onion Skinz in 3D Viewport )

    for Blender 2.78c/2.79

    August 11, 2017 --- Second Release (BETA2) ---- USE AT OWN RISK!

    Perform Onion Skinning of animated MESHES in the 3D VIEWPORT window:

    This is an Animation technique used by animators to be able to "see" the before and after frames of
    poses/positions of animated characters/objects....

    *** Features:

    * Silhouette Skinz ( 2 custom colors with Alphas ) for BEFORE/AFTER "current frame" skinning

    * Option to KEEP Original Materials/Textures instead of Silhouette Skinz

    * Onion "SKINz" can be simplified (decimated), to put less burden on memory.

    * addon can skin ALL meshes parented to an Armature in 1 click!

    * Tested with MHX2 ( makehuman MHX2 model import )

    * Also tested with a keyframed "Cube" object

    * Addon Panel appears in RENDER PROPERTIES ( and ONLY if a MESH or ARMATURE is SELECTED )

    * Can Skin any MESH ( or Armatures with meshes ) that have animation data

    * Can Skin multiple animated objects, not just 1

    * Now has "Markerz" to Skin scene's current frame! Add a Skin to ANY frame!

    * 100% Original Code Wrtten from scratch

    Watch a Demonstration Video of the Second :BETA2" release
    showing this addon really works! Download it & Try it, see for yourself!
    ( Watch this Video in 720 HD for best quality )


    Actual Screenshot of Entire Blender 2.78c Window
    using this addon ( BETA2 Release )


    Screenshot of the Addon's Panel ( BETA2 Release )


    Download the SECOND RELEASE, BETA2 ---> 3D_Onion_toolz(Skinz)

    *** BETA3 ( possible the FINAL release ) will be coming very soon...
    A Brand New Feature to be revealed ...

    Be sure to BOOKMARK and check back for updates


    Version Info:
    2nd Release, BETA2, on August 11, 2017

    Initial Release, BETA1 on August 9, 2017

    *** Even More to come in the upcoming 3rd release! ***


    Also, checkout my FREE 3D-STEREO Rendering addon:


    This "3D Onion Toolz Skinz" addon was very challenging to create.
    It is NOT a "rewrite" nor "CLONE" of the other non-free addon,
    may even contain "bugs", and/or lack features of the other addon...

    Blender really should have included a basic onion skins addon, such as this one,
    in its trunk / releases: So I made this one for the community, who may find this useful.


    To those of you who doubted my claims of developing and releasing this addon:
    The Last Laugh = Mine! ha ha!

    I do not ask for, nor do I accept any donations.
    If you feel like donating, please do so to the Blender Foundation to support Blender Developers.

    ENJOY THIS ADDON for FREE!!! 8-)
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    Confirmed! Addon tested with Blender 2.79 RC1

    Aug 13, 2017:

    Beta2 Release version of addon confirmed working in Blender 2.79 Release Canidate RC1



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    A great Thanks bossco!
    Very nice job.
    Words are Images that loosed Light!
    Linux Mint 18.2 Saunya - Bi-Quad Intel 2.66Ghz x64Bytes - Nvidia OpenGL GT 630 4Go-vram

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    Gratz you made it! Very nice addon maybe this could someday be part of the blender trunk?

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    Thank you kindly!

    This is just the INITIAL BETA RELEASE !

    Originally, I intended on waiting and releasing around Sept 2017...

    (1) Some other developers got upset over posting a preview of "giving away for FREE" this addon
    ( The guys selling addons, that is - claimed FREE "kills" development of OpenSource! LMAO! )

    (2) Some thought this was a joke, and I was talking BS, and like "photoshopped" some fake pics or something

    I rushed to get this out, so although it works,
    there is ALOT more functionality being added to this and should have
    an updated final release ( in OP ) posted very soon!

    This Beta was released to prove them all wrong.

    "BOSSCO" is the REAL DEAL! - NO BS!

    Be sure to bookmark this thread & check back for updates!

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    Originally Posted by bossco View Post
    (1) Some other developers got upset over posting a preview of "giving away for FREE" this addon
    ( The guys selling addons, that is - claimed FREE "kills" development of OpenSource! LMAO! )
    The guy selling the other addon never claimed FREE "Kills" development of Open Source.

    I DID.

    And it wasn't even about killing development of Open Source. It was about you killing the competition with the other guy selling his Onion Skin addon. FREE vs $18. There is no competition when you priced your addon Free. Your move forced the other addon into a dead end.

    That's the end of the story.

    I like how you always paint yourself standing on the moral high ground, and painting everyone else as greed of evil. Slow sarcastic clap.

    I'll give you one compliment, that you are writing it from scratch. It's a challenge, and I hope you keep it up.

    Note: Please stop villainizing any addon authors here in the community, or you will see me posting in your threads very often. Or else, you can ask the moderators to ban me from your thread, that'll save me some brain-cells.

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    Yeah, ok ....

    when I said:

    "( The guys selling addons, that is - claimed FREE "kills" development of OpenSource! LMAO! )"

    GUYS is PLURAL - not singular, as in a GROUP and not an individual. You obviously overlooked that.

    If OpenSource is FREE, how exactly does "FREE" KILL the DEVELOPMENT of OpenSource ???
    Is it Because $ motivates developers? That actually depends on the indvidual....

    While you claim the right to sell opensource addons, likewise, I reserve the right to give them away, like it - or not.... That's how OpenSource License works.... accept it

    Look at all the wonderful addons in Blender's Trunk - ALL FREE

    I don't "buy" in to your claim

    First, I have never seen any videos or even screenshots of the actual other addon,
    just a cropped picture of the 3D-View, which to me, looked like it may have been "photoshopped"

    Second of all, I did NOT kill the other addon... If the Author gives up, that is NOT my fault!
    That is the author's choice whether to improve his to justify its worth purchasing, or simply give up.

    you claim "FREE" is unfair competition ? BS! It raises the bar, and creates higher standards.

    "Simply create a Superior addon, and people will buy it!" - If money is your sole motive for writing addons.

    So, I am NOT to blame - You want to SELL addons, make them much better than the FREE ones!

    Third, The Opensource Community & Blender Users actually does benefit from releasing free addons...
    As I have stated, I don't give a damn about money.

    If the author of the other addon decides to throw in the towel, the blender community still wins and gets an addon.

    I use ALOT of opensource stuff, and never paid for it, because it is FREE
    Linux, gimp, blender, makehuman, libreoffice, Firefox, etc, etc, etc...

    By providing FREE Blender addons, this is my way of "giving something back" in appreciation.

    Sometimes, it feels good to give, without expecting something in return.
    Perhaps that's a concept hard for some to understand.

    Are you afraid I might see your addons, create similar ones for FREE and "kill" your revenues?

    I suppose, if I really wanted to, I do have the ability to do so...

    However, as you are aware, creating advanced addons is no easy task, and very time consuming

    you said "Note: Please stop villainizing any addon authors here in the community, or you will see me posting in your threads very often. Or else, you can ask the moderators to ban me from your thread, that'll save me some brain-cells. "

    by comparing a free addon to another authors non-free addon is a crime & and is now "Vilianizing" them?
    If anything, this advertises the other addon for users/potential buyers to see theirs and compare them,
    which might actually lead to a purchase, if theirs is much better or has more features.

    So because I believe, and express my OPINION that "Opensource & its addons should be FREE"
    That these addons should not be outright sold - that authors should allow free downloads, and ask for donations for support.

    You may interpret that any way you please. I don't even care if you agree or not.

    The REAL issue is you can't make $$$ if someone puts out something for free.
    Are you not also willing to volunteer your time and donate free addons to make Blender better?

    Which do you care more for? Blender Opensource, or Revenues? Where is your heart at?

    I have other interests and hobbies outside of the Blender World, and decide not to spend all of my free time
    slaying developers, if you will.

    and yes, I wrote this addon from scratch, in Ubuntu Mate 16.04LTS & the PLUMA text editor referencing the blender 2.78 API online, testing commands in the Python console, trial and error.
    My code may be sloppy compared to those who copy & paste snippets --- but I did manage to write it & it does work.

    You say:
    "I like how you always paint yourself standing on the moral high ground, and painting everyone else as greed of evil. Slow sarcastic clap."

    My reply to that:

    "Well , you see, Anakin, GOOD and EVIL are a point of view..." - Palpatine

    Let us just agree to disagree, and leave it at that... No need to be all butt hurt

    but post all you want... I might change my mind and write from scratch addons comparable to yours, and give them away for FREE, should you elect to do so.

    I love opensource, I love blender. I am not selling NOR asking for any donations - I don't want that.
    If anything, I do it for "fun" and like I said, to contribute something back without expecting $,
    for ALL the FREE applications and addons I use from so many different opensourced projects.

    Maybe I do ride on a "high horse" - So "F" what! Hate me to your heart's content.

    I don't see any non-developers upset over giving away free addons,
    only the developers who are selling theirs, fearing loss of revenues.

    "Fear is the mind killer" - DUNE
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    To be honest. All these you blabbed about, isn't the real issue here. I agree with most of them. And disagree with some of them. I am A BUTT-HURT seeing you suggest other authors are evil because they charge money, and because you rewrite those addons for free that you become the best. OHHHH, I'm soooo butt-hurt. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BUTT HURT.

    But I admit. I overlooked the 's' you left in your words. My mistake. But that you haven't killed the other addon? Nah. You didn't. You... forced it to suicide? Which is worse than out-right just killing it. And that's also why I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooo butt hurt seeing it happen RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES. Maybe I am just overreacting after this TRAUMATIC experience.

    but post all you want... I might change my mind and write from scratch addons comparable to yours, and give them away for FREE, should you elect to do so.
    Ha, a threat? Let's put that in the textbook for all people. And feel free to do whatever you suggested there. I'll take you head on because there is nothing for me to lose.

    This, is not about competition or making blender better or contributing back to the community. This, is about you as a person. Do you agree that you called other author who are selling addons "Evil" and "Greedy"? Do you agree that you villainized the other Onion Skin Author as Greedy and doing WRONG by charging money for the Onion Skin Addon he wrote?? You deleted the other threads you posted, I don't care about your intentions of doing so. I also don't care about your intentions of calling other author who sells addons "Evil". But words are words. I'll just forever hold you accountable for what you said in those threads. Until you stop acting like a douche towards other addon authors. They deserve better.

    Says you want to contribute back to the community... Why not donate to blender foundation instead since they are the ones that needs the most donations? Why not donate to all those open source projects that you said you used and blah blah? Why do you have to, villainize other addon author in order to contribute back to the community? You said you have a good job and live a good life with no worry for money, then donate to the open-source projects you benefited from, that is the most efficient and appreciated way to contribute back to the open-source projects, like Blender. Instead, you choose to contribute back to the community, by taking up an existing idea of an existing addon, making it free. At the same time, villainizing its author.

    Let me repeat again. It's not about the competition, or contribution to the blender community, or what is "WRONG". It's about you, and what you said. You were villainizing the other Onion Skin Author by words and implication, which you seems to always fail at realizing.

    And I'm absolutely sorry, for keep bringing up the competition into the issues when the real issue is you.

    I have given you enough respect in those other posts you likely deleted. And this is the end of it.

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    well, sounds like you need some extra strength Preparation-H Hemorrhoid medication...

    Where did I say or accuse the non-free onion skin author of "GREEDY" or "VILLIAN" ???

    I said "F" paying almost $20 for it, i'll write my "f" own.

    You say I "re-write addons for free"?

    addons is plural... I have only written 1 addon similar to a non-free one

    How can I "rewrite" an addon that I've NEVER seen any code to it?
    I wrote this addon from scratch, starting with a blank text editor....
    I would require the source code in order to "rewrite" an addon !
    I don't even know what this other addon even looks like, or what all it can do!

    Only 1 author can write an onion skin addon? Monopoly? ClosedSource?
    Exclusive rights on the idea of a known animation technique ?

    OpenSource License says you can release source code for FREE, so I have done nothing wrong.
    OSL says you can even modify other code, and yes, even sell it if you like, provided you make the source code available.

    Also, I did not target any one author of non-free addons specifically.

    Again, I personally believe that addons for OpenSource Projects should be made availible, at no charge, and authors should ask for donations if they need monetary support....

    Trying to capitalize on Opensource, in my opinion, isnt a very smart move...
    Commercial Software should be your target audience, if you are trying to profit.

    But, like I said, that is just my own opinion. Clearly, you disagree with my perspectives.

    You can say whatever, accuse me of whatever, etc, etc, etc

    but the bottom line is that to you it is NOT about OpenSource Development, but rather
    the revenues made of off selling them. Admit it, its really about the concerns of profits being lost due to authors willing to put out free code...

    Most of the generous and gracious authors in the "released scripts" forum put out there addons for free also, many even have a github page... They have my admiration and respect for doing so.

    Just because I compared a free addon to a non-free one, all hell broke loose....

    If the other addon "died before your very eyes", perhaps it should either be released for free, or better written so others will purchase it, rather than go the free route.

    You insist on blaming me for someone else's failure

    I don't have a copy of the other addon, have no idea what it actually looks like, or even what capabilities or features it has...

    *** Here's the deal: This is how this honestly all came about: ***

    I check the forum for updated scripts, and new addons...

    I noticed the other addon description in the forum's recent post listing...

    I clicked on it, saw just that 1 cropped picture of the 3D-VIEW showing an image that looked like it was "photoshopped"... No Demo Videos, no screenshot of the addon's panel - just that 1 picture

    Then I saw it was not free, and was disappointed that I would have to pay almost $20 to get it...

    Not to mention, i could not see any videos or screenshots of the addon working that would have persuaded me to purchase it VS spending the time to actually create my own interpretation.

    The lack of any convincing presentation or "proofs" of the other addon created doubt....

    So, who is to blame for that?

    I would highly suggest to anyone soliciting addons, that they create a good presentation including videos and screenshots of the actual addon --- and not just a single picture of only a result.

    ie. Devise a better marketing strategy ( Generic Labels or Fancy Labels for your products )

    *** The lack of presentation combined with the price tag is actually what influenced me to write an "onion skinning" addon that works in the 3d viewport window...

    And so I did, and from complete scratch using my own original code and techniques....

    Then I decided to share it and make it available to the blender community, for free,
    of which I am entitled to do.

    I also post screen-recorded videos demonstrating the actual addon working,
    as well as several screenshots of what it actually looks like, including the actual addon panel itself.

    And should I decide to take on the challenges of creating any more new addons in the future,
    I will continue to share them, and make them available for free to all - Not with the intent to cause harm to anyone, but because "free" is what I personally believe in.
    If collateral damage happens, then I'd suggest write a much better addon to sell it, as well
    as create a professional and convincing presentation to accompany it.

    Life is NOT fair... Just accept it, and move along.
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    Whatever you said.

    Your belief is your belief, I compliment your spirit on believing that and act upon it. I'm just here to let you know, it's not WRONG to make money with addons. And it is WRONG, for you to "Attack" other authors because of any reason or belief. That's all. If you believe you haven't done so, or it wasn't intentional, I apologize for being extremely pissed and thus criticizing your actions. Let's contribute and compete for this community peacefully from now on.

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    Editing my post. I suppose there's no reason to attempt to convince anyone I've been anything less than respectful in my replies in that deleted thread. Que sera, sera. Good day.
    Last edited by ohsnapitsjoel; 11-Aug-17 at 11:48.
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    My Blender addons - some may be useful to you, others probably won't
    I use too many emoticons.

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    I do suppose emotions run high on both sides of the fence ...

    I actually do get what you are saying ... and I do admit that I am not always the best at words.

    I guess You are right about there's nothing wrong with selling... If your addon is written well and useful...
    And vice-versa, there's nothing wrong with giving away addons for free.

    Also, to OHSNAPITSJOEL ... I have nothing personal against you, and you do seem like a nice guy...

    Although I have still yet to see your addon, I'm sure if you put your mind to it, you could still sell yours,
    so don't give up just because there's another onion skin in 3d viewport out there....

    It doesn't matter if the other one, being the free one I gave away, or if I was charging $10 or half of what you are asking for yours...
    The Price is actually doesn't so much matter, or even is some other author decides to put another onion skin addon out there.
    The bar may get raised higher, but if you are able to offer something superior, I'm sure someone will be willing to pay for it.

    I really think you should put up screenshots, and make some videos to demonstrate what yours can do....
    If you can impress others, you can convince them to buy. That would be my advice, for what its worth.

    Perhaps I have been in some ways an ass advocating "FREE" "FREE" "FREE"

    Just like TeaCrab was butthurt, I was "disappointed" to see your addon had a price tag on it
    and nothing but a single image of just the "results" of your addon - no way to see what it looked like or how it works
    ( unless you have that on the blendermarket - which I avoid ) - All I saw was your blenderartist thread...

    After alot of thought on this matter, it is clear to me that despite my strong beliefs, that I still should have some respect for others who may not agree with me... I will work on this

    Most people, who are amateurs and just like to play with Blender, and not using it Professionally, probably don't want to spend any money on addons... That is certainly my case anyhow... I basically made this addon to fill that void for myself and others

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    I am butt hurt about what you are presenting and how you are presenting it, but my concern over what you are trying to do is not at all invalid. I'll tell you a story of an ancient time, and leave it at that.

    Nations were at war. And people are captured and sold as slaves. When the merchants see slaves from their own nation, they will buy back these slaves, and the nation would reward these merchants. One time, a student of a well-known scholar, educated and wealthy, bought slaves from another nation, but refused the nation's reward. He expected compliment from his mentor. But the mentor did not compliment him. The mentor says:"Everyone else accepted the reward. You didn't. Now, if anyone else accept these rewards, they'll be viewed as worse than you. If they don't accept the reward, they will not be able to grow their business. In turn, no one will buy back our nation's slaves. You showed that you are better, but those slaves captured by other nation will never come home, our nation loses people, and the merchants lose their ability to show their good heart. Your action to show your own selflessness, hurts everyone else's benefits."

    That's all I want to tell. You can ignore this story or don't. I've done what I can in your case, for this community.
    Last edited by TeaCrab; 12-Aug-17 at 10:08.

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    that does not apply.... are you trying to associate addons with being "slaves" ?

    you truly are Soooooooooooo butt hurt

    I do not see myself as a "hero" or other developers as "villians"

    I am not looking for any "rewards" -I dont even ask for donations

    I am simply an advocate of keeping opensource free, as it is intended to be.

    You can SELL yours as your way of contributing,
    likewise, I will give mine away for FREE, as my means of donating time to contribute.

    Either way, Blender is being improved and the community is getting more + better addons

    you are trying to say there can only be "Coca Cola" or "Pepsi", but not BOTH.
    Only one, and no other colas. You want to monopolize, control, and sell 1 product,
    with no opposition - is what I am hearing...

    You are pissed off because I made a different cola, and giving it away for free vs
    charging for it, affecting sales of other colas.... basically
    You don't have to drink my FREE "brand-x" --- go BUY a "Pepsi" instead !

    My addon is just a basic addon - nothing fancy, yet you claim it forced the other addon into "suicide".
    Its like saying Walmart Brand "Sam's Choice Cola" killed Coke or Pepsi... Ridiculous

    You go on as if I committed some violent act against against a family member,
    when in fact, I am completely innocent and have committed no such crimes:

    So cry like a baby all you please.
    Last edited by bossco; 12-Aug-17 at 14:32.

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    Having a competition is never a bad thing, bossco simply raised a bar and you are butt hurt cuz he did that for free and its now "eating" your customers, simply adapt make your addon more worth it or ppl will choose other product thats how the life works.

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    The sad thing about all this is that the other addon is NOT even TeaCrab's addon!
    Comparing addons to a slave trade, really made me laugh - and I find in a sick & twisted way, him to be quite entertaining!
    Yes, I do understand he is saying by "being better" and setting higher standards of expectations may potentially harm the "businesses", as he put it.... But Slavery???? That was outlawed along time ago in my country!

    I must say, the Author of the other onion skin addon has been a really good sport.
    I never accused him of being "GREEDY" , "EVIL" , or a "VILLIAN"
    Basically, I said "F" paying for something I can't see ( just the results - but nothing else ),
    when I can write my own code to accomplish the basic onion skins in the viewport,
    and enjoyed the challenges of developing it ( because blender API can be a B....! )

    I also noticed that Joel has taken my advice and added some content to his blender market page,
    showing some videos and even what the addon panel looks like. Good Job man!

    I would also recommend he add that content to his blender artist thread

    I am not attempting to "clone" or "rewrite" his addon... I simply created a very basic onion skin addon to work with 3d Viewport:
    something that SHOULD have come bundled with blender in the first place.

    My basic and FREE addon does NOT "auto-update" or use "fading skins" while playing anims , like that I can now see in his content...
    I will not be adding any of those features... ( It puts too much burden on Blender in my opinion / potential crashes, at least from my programming abilities perspective - but I admit, I am NOT a python guru NOR expert, and actually have very little experience )

    I am quite impressed with Joel's addon, to be honest, and if someone is looking for a little something more than this basic one I created, then by all means, check his out

    I never intended to replace or "force into suicide" his addon. Just a basic free one to do the skins in viewport.

    I am aware that mine does actually have some limitations... and perhaps some bugs even --- but hey, its FREE

    There is only 1 more thing I am planning on adding soon, which will be another BASIC feature, which I have not seen in the other addon... That will be revealed in the BETA3 release coming up soon ( which may be the FINAL release instead of Beta3 )

    and yes, all I did was raise the bar.... Thank you for seeing this.

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    I was about to give up on talking here. But here it is:

    #To clear some points.

    I already apologized for bringing up the competition because I realized it wasn't the issue at all, at post #10. Free vs Paid is a competition, and the competition drives the quality of addons. The discussion about competition or you "Killing" the other addon was long over.

    The rest of what I say, including the story, was only to show my initial concern when I first joined this conversation. You don't feel that way? I don't care and have no intent to argue with you about that anymore.

    You are just a douchebag for claiming other addon authors "Evil" and "Greedy". Let's end the discussion at that. Those words are the first thing I saw in your first post about your 3D scopicstereo addon. I made you notice, and you deleted them. I thought you understood. In your second post about your onion skin addon, you brought a similar tone onto the other onion skin author. That's why I dragged myself into this mud again.

    Then, in this thread, you claimed:
    Some other developers got upset over posting a preview of "giving away for FREE" this addon
    ( The guys selling addons, that is - claimed FREE "kills" development of OpenSource! LMAO! )
    I got upset. The actual developer of the Onion skin addon had not claimed "Free" kills competition. I did, but if you consider I'm part of the "Paid" addon authors, sure. But think I'm nobody.

    If this is the narrative you are driving towards, then I must say sorry to all addon authors for giving you a chance in claiming so. Joel clearly had concerns, but I'm the one who claimed "FREE KILLS OPENSOURCE"

    And the idea I claimed is far from "FREE" kills "Open Source". I claimed that "FREE" kills the possibility for this community to grow for a professional future. I'm sure my words did not convey that clearly. And I'm sorry.

    Your way of distorting what people said and mis-represent them pisses me off. That's all.

    If you think I have a problem with you contributing to Blender Community? Nah. I welcome that. If you think I am afraid of you making free addons and take away my revenue, or anyone's revenue? Now I'm REALLY afraid because you have a grudge with me. LMAO.

    I only have a concern for Blender's future because I want blender to be a Professional tool, with a professional team of developers to support it. INCLUDING ADDON DEVELOPERS.

    If you think that's bad idea, I'm out.

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