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Thread: fractal mark

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    here is a blue jaws fractal i made.Name:  blue jaws.png
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Size:  142.8 KB

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    here is another image i made with gimp fractal goop wax voxel.Name:  fractal goop wax.png
Views: 116
Size:  159.6 KB

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    here is my brocculli fractal pattern.Name:  broccolli fractal.png
Views: 112
Size:  75.1 KB

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    this is a fractal that i called wonderfull fractal.Name:  wonderfull fractal.png
Views: 106
Size:  222.1 KB

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    here is another one i call ornamental fractal.Name:  ornamental fractal.png
Views: 101
Size:  260.1 KB

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    here is a fractal i called space ice fractal.Name:  space ice fractal.png
Views: 100
Size:  198.5 KB

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    here is another fractal i made called fractal weapon.Name:  fractal weapon.png
Views: 96
Size:  168.1 KB

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    here is another fractal i call a vein fractal.Name:  vein fractal.png
Views: 97
Size:  212.0 KB

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    here is another fractal i call neon dash fractal.Name:  neon dash fractal.png
Views: 91
Size:  266.5 KB

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    here is another fractal i made called crazier fractal.Name:  crazier fractal.png
Views: 90
Size:  155.3 KB

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    here is another fractal I made called blueishly fractal.Name:  blueishly fractal.png
Views: 90
Size:  297.8 KB

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    here is another fractal called sea fractal.Name:  ounf.png
Views: 77
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    here is a black rock fractal image i made.Name:  black rock fractal.png
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Size:  382.9 KB

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    here is a shell fractal image I made.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	shell fractal.jpg 
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ID:	509038

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    here is fractal pattern i call star cathedral fractal.Name:  star cathedral fractal.png
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    I like the last three

    ever mix any of these with each other using masking or copy / paste?

    Double exposure + mirror and other effects can really may these pop using symetrical fractal interference
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    I am using would you do that in gimp?

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    i used the fractal explorer and mirror in gimp to make this.they are two different fractal pattern makers.Name:  bluefractal in a blue fractal.png
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    here is another fractal i made with a image of a mesh from blender.I call it the
    spacehatch fractal.Name:  spacehatch fractal.png
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Size:  88.3 KB

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    here is a sea animane fractal design.Name:  starbrit fractal.png
Views: 32
Size:  173.8 KB

    here is a dark metal fractal pattern i made.Name:  darkmetalfractal.png
Views: 27
Size:  160.8 KB

    glop branch section fractal.i made with mandelbrot 3d.Name:  stoh=MutaGenF66F55FCF95749250563.jpg
Views: 22
Size:  59.0 KB
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