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    Originally Posted by cgstrive View Post
    Regarding curvature. Ambi has made excellent Python script that creates vertex Color based on it, accessible with Attribute node of Cycles.

    This of course only works without Modifiers, on base mesh. In most real world scenarios there is not enough resolution to get good curvature, you would need a MODIFIER that can calculate curvature after SubSurf, giving enough res for mesh.
    But it only works with dense meshes. We need a solution for meshes with any topology.

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    The bevel shader is really good!
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    yes, it performs really well.

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    As is- super helpful- would be even more awesome with ability to create wear edges etc:

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    On the subject of V-ray features we don't have yet, can anyone shed some light on how V-ray's toon/line art material works? I was testing it in V-ray for Blender (so in v-ray standalone really) and noticed that it can render lines for giant, complex, messy scenes in ~10 seconds with hardly any RAM use. These are scenes that would require 64gb+ RAM for Freestyle to even load, and probably 20+ minutes to render.

    Any idea if we can do a lineart shader like it in Cycles?
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    Hello everyone, maybe someone knows why add-on loop tools may not work with bevel shader add-on?Screenshot_1205.png

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