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    Messing with Material Displacement

    Hi, I'm a relative newbie to blender (couple months)
    here's something i was working on today. just playing with displacement.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    i have a crappy system without a GPU and 4GB ram. bogged down the system a couple times, even when limiting detail.
    memory usage went up to 567mb when rendering this.

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    looks cool keep up the blending

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    It looks like a meaty flower

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    Put the thing on a stick and it might pass of some sort of cotton candy (the material gives a light and airy feel to it).

    And yes, microdisplacement is going to take a lot of memory until a developer implements a geometry cache system (and there's no sign of it coming soon).
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    interesting stuff. Do you remember how many subdivisions you had for this detail?

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