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    Fluid Simulation going through obstacle

    I'm currently trying to make a bowl with water in it. So I cut off the top of a sphere, put another sphere on top of it and scaled it a little down, took a cube and set it all up (fluid domain, fluid and fluid obstacle). After baking I got this (around frame 100):
    Click image for larger version. 

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    So why does the fluid don't flow into the bowl?

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    I assume the game is for us the guess all the fluid settings you have set for the fluid, domain and all obstacles rather than just supply a link to your .blend file we could just look at.

    Check the object face normals are pointing in the correct direction.
    Apply scale to all objects
    Does the fluid go through the obstacle or pours over the top of it (check if obstacle is set to a volume or shell
    Vary domain resolution (also set to show the final resolution and not the draft resolution)

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    So I guessed it on my own, I had to turn the Volume Initialization type from the bowl to shell but thank you for answering

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    I have a similar question - in my case the fluid penetrates the thin walls during splash regardless of whether I use only the walls I mean or add a different, thicker mesh. Resolution is at 200 already, I don't think I want to go too high on that. To avoid making a new thread I put it here.

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