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    I agree with both: @hris and @Fweeb. You are totally awesome. I like your works. Moreover, this works really time and money saver for those people who hasn't times and money for this and now they are doesn't download "Piracy stuffs" as already noted @hris.Thanks! ;-)

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    Awesome! You put a huge amount of work into those!
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    Also from me a big thank you.

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    I did some more tests and Greg, you are correct, I saw clipping in the brightest light sources at 16 bit. Exr DAWB still saved half the space, with no obvious difference in image quality. You can find it if you difference composite the images, but it is low intensity noise.

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    Great share! Thank you very much.

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    Hi Greg, thanks for this, just signed up on Patreon to support you :-)

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    amazing work!!
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    Great move. Many thanks, Greg.

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    Wow. Very generous. Looking forward to try out some unclipped ones for once.

    How does 16bit clip more than 32bit? If float, shouldn't there only be a difference in the accuracy/steps? If both can go from zero to a gazillion, 16bit would have less gradations than 32bit, but none would be "clipped"? I may misunderstand completely here.

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    Side note regarding Photoshop and 16bit images: be very careful NOT to use Photoshop if a full 16 bit per channel range is required (for example, converting 32bit HDR to 16bit). Photoshop's so-called "16bit" mode is actually a 15bit one, and clips full range 16bit images without warning the user.

    This is a legacy implementation decision that was made by Chris Cox at a time when computers were still quite slow processing data, and even current HDR camera's limit the high bit range anyway. Of course, requirements for HDR imagery go beyond that 15bit limit nowadays, and unfortunately Photoshop's 16bpc mode hasn't been updated to keep up with the higher requirements.

    In short, never open a full-range 16bit image in Photoshop: the instant it is opened Photoshop clips that image to 15bit. And it does NOT warn the user about having done this. The data is lost. Save the image, and you've lost the data forever.

    If you require full range converted 32bit-->16bit HDR images, use an image editor such as PhotoLine or Affinity Photo. Or a nodal editor like Blender, Nuke, Natron, or Fusion.
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    Thanks Herbert, I don't fully understand the issue but I did notice PS brutally chops dynamic range of EXR without warning, which is one of the reasons why I stick with HDR. But the main reason is that PTGui does the same thing (or something similar), so the only output option there is HDR, and converting HDR to EXR is pointless (like converting JPG to PNG).

    It is possible to output the full pano in various exposure brackets from PTGui and merge those later, but it's quite a lot of extra effort and (IMO) not worth the benefit of EXR vs HDR. Maybe I'll try automate it a bit better in future so it's not such a PITA, we'll see.

    Originally Posted by akej74 View Post
    Hi Greg, thanks for this, just signed up on Patreon to support you :-)
    Thanks man!
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    Testing out the recently released backplates:

    Car model by Mike Pan, of course.

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