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    Thanks! I do agree with you Sozap, and I have remade parts of the animation to fix the bugs from the boolean operator, but I think I'll leave the animation at its current stage and instead work on the ground plane. The ground plane kind of bothers me. First of all I don't know what to make it look like, secondly there are those trees just by the construction area that are in the way of the ground plane, making me in need of either concealing them or masking them out. Any ideas how to effectively mask out trees? Seems like a pain to do by hand...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ideas regarding the masking and also how to make a prettier ground are greatly appreciated! Are there any alternate ways to make the construction area look more pleasing? Is it in that case worth the needed investment of time?

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    Hum, I think it's getting tricky but also interesting !

    It's getting more into VFX/Compositing rather than 3D.

    For the trees : as we turn around them, replacing them by an image plane is not an option.

    You can try to chroma-key them, I suspect there will be too much flickering, but that's the first thing to try. Then, if that doesn't work, you'll have to completely get rid of them. So edit a frame of the video in photoshop to get a clean plate. And then remap it into the ground. I don't know if the fact that we turn around the place will add to much distortion so maybe things won't go as easy.
    There are also people passing by next to the trees, you'll have to see if you get rid of them completely or you can roto them to get in back.

    Then , you keep the shot without trees, or you add another ones in 3D.

    For the ground, I think you can try the same approach. instead of making a true CG ground, maybe just a shadeless clean plate / matte painting will be easier to manage.
    What I found would be great is to get rid of construction stuff but keeping the sandy ground. Then make another plate that is more 'constucted' that will appear in the same fashion as the building.

    What could that be ? parking ? vegetation ? maybe you'll have to add other buildings to fill the space...
    Just a plane with a material obviously would make too much faked.

    Is it worth it ? I guess it's a lot of work, and it depends if you want to make only a quick test to practice, or if you're training to get into the VFX stuff.
    Maybe you can work on another shot that is more planned so you'll invest a lot of time but get a better result in the end.
    Or , you can still push this one as much as you can... I think it's up to you to judge where you want to go with all this and how much effort you want to put into it.

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    I'm of course wanting to get better at what I'm doing , and one of the ways I do it is to ask you guys for advice! The goal for this project is to create a example of what we can give our future customers. (I'm working with a company trying to visualize buildings.) We want to have several examples to show, and we've got some already this being one of them. Time is running short (the fairs we prepare these for are in November) and we hope to finish at least one more after this one! (I've got school and all so time is limited.)

    I really appreciate you giving me such a detailed answer, and I consider doing as you suggest. My colleague thinks it's very nice as it is now, though he'd like the ground to look less like a construction area, so for this project adding the ground would be the last part! Adding a ground seems like it can be quite the time consumer considering my time-frame, and might not work. It would be very interesting to try though! It's good to be able to solve things like this, and some stuff just seem like magic to me!

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    Hey cool !

    Ok I understand all that better now, I wasn't sure if it was something you're doing on your own or if that was a commercial project.
    Maybe getting rid of the tree, adding fake ones and all that clean plate stuff is a bit too much to chew if you're on a short deadline .
    It's not something that you would do in 1 or 2 days. Rather one week for a mid-experienced artist.

    Here is how I would do if I haven't that much time :
    Click image for larger version. 

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    A kind of a grid pattern that doesn't get into the trees, and covers some of the stuff you don't want. The grid suggest that the ground is extended.
    And the fact that it doesn't cover all the place lessen the need of parking sign or vegetation to make it more real.

    Make that appear in a cool fashion (maybe with a build modifier or something even better). Concentrate on the materials so they look real.

    That's at least something that will work and you don't take the risk to waist some time . If you complete the last video and time allow, then try to make the complete floor with all the VFX bang and whistles..

    Cheers !
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    If you are gonig to do it via compositing, you could use a mask to block out where the trees would be. A super set of videos on how to do this is "Track Match Blend". They are done in an older version of Blender but almost all the exact same steps still apply.
    This is a useful video:

    Here is the playlist:

    I personally bought this and the Version 2, which covers a more up to date version of Blender, however, I have both as V2 is not an exact copy of V1 and this particuar video is not in the list.

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    I haven't read most of the thread... but the alternation of black and white make me think the building has just three floors (a black and white pair corresponding to one floor), making it seem at wrong scale

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