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    I am reconsidering the options.
    'You want to fire up discussion, but choose a topic that no one else is interested in'
    Quote from above but I can't understand this remark as although perhaps there is no interest from forum members it is a wide world.
    I could continue but posted for other reasons... depending on some external factors I may reinstate my domain site account.
    Will post basic details in game/simulation in progress or finished game/simulation forums but simulations can never be no idea which. Probably also one line details .
    Details would be on my site .
    This in turn might prevent any 'friction'
    Although might enquire about problems as I meet them on the forums.
    Coastal Past Ages and Bygone times is what I write about helped by some Blender content.

    'Should' anybody wish to discuss anything on the other forums that is fine, If not that is also fine!

    Thanks. B
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