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    Just a quick experiment. Not really a fan of the minecraft look, so I tried something different. Can a pinscreen represent voxels? I'll leave that up to you. I'm not the voxel police.

    Have fun!

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    @FriZan if I had the time I would have definitely made voxel police XD

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    Voxel Vuk. Like it.

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    @DM9: Thanks for the encouragement. I'll check out some of todays desktop printers and see what they are capable of by now.

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    Voxel Station

    Pure - Not sure how many samples, 22 minutes to get rid of the noise. Choosing an interior scene made it more difficult to render.

    Made some changes Here is a link to the final render

    Click image for larger version. 

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    [Old Entry]
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Compared to what I have already seen I don't have any chance but any feedback is welcome
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    It's not bad! Lot's of things you could do to make the scene more interesting. Try some different angles perhaps. Maybe more balloon, less surroundings. I've got the feeling that when you darken the background the balloon jumps out of the scene. Perhaps some power-gaining fire which can give some nice illumination effects within the big balloon.
    'Not obsessing about absolute precision would also be wise. This is polygonal modeling which is approximation, and the precision required is for visual purposes. In other words, not a CAD.' - JA12

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    oooooooooh! Such an interesting topic, Robproctor! Too bad I am working on a different project right now

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    Here is my idea so far...

    Removed because I went in a different direction and posted later in the entries.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	5015982nd attempt! Any criticism would be much appreciated

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    Some nice entries already!

    Here is mine, its pure. Used all today's 2.79 shenanigans like filmic & denoiser etc. Hope u guys like it.

    Crackin' Suzanne

    Click image for larger version. 

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    'Not obsessing about absolute precision would also be wise. This is polygonal modeling which is approximation, and the precision required is for visual purposes. In other words, not a CAD.' - JA12

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    Voxel Bay

    Pure entry, 100% Blender 2.79, Cycles.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So far Fulip's won my vote.

    Title: Mountain
    Pure, Cycles, Denoise

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Updated. Changed the lighting and added another guy at the top with the airship.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, the HDRI was from a collection posted by Optikz. ...Does that make it an open entry?
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    Final entry. Pure.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Taken down my original project/scene and no time to create another entry so I will hopefully have something next challenge. But for entry sake I did this one rather quick just as something to have and in relation of how I feel about some of the copyright laws especially when it is partial advertisement for them and as long as there is no monetary gain nor distribution. I read up and I would have needed to put in a letter of request (email) to Disney and wait 4-8 weeks for them to get back to say weather or not I could continue or post it.

    So here is my Pure entry 128 sample called....

    "Sad Face"
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sorry George, and Walt it won't happen again.
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    @BladeManEXE The guy blends too well with the sky, making a bit harder for me to make out his shape. Otherwise compositing seems pretty good, but maybe you could play around with the lighting some more.

    I have a question. Do you guys and girls know any tricks to make each voxel be a separate object? I want to make some tricks with the materials so that each voxel has a different colour (like pixels). My plan currently is to use the particle system with one object per vertex, but this is a bit annoying.

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    600 samples, pure entry.
    going to be busy this weekend, so here's my pretentious voxel art!

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    Here is my entry. Always wanted to make one of these.
    "I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa"
    PURE 500 samples + denoiser and a bit of color correction in PS
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Any feedback appreciated
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    Planet VoxEarth

    I think this is the better of the two images I produced this weekend, so it will be my competing entry.
    Pure, Cycles 256 Samples, Denoising, PostPro in Blender.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Weighted Companion, Cubed.

    Pure, Cycles 256 Samples, Denoising.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This was just a bit of fun on Friday evening, as my weekend will be quite busy.
    It was modeled as it is, without using the remesh modifier, don't know if I'd want to make anything bigger like that.
    The texture was a bit of fun with the noise texture and some vector magic.
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    There is no right way to do art, so don't stress. Just have fun, and learn along the way!

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    So many great entries so far and we still have like 3 days. @DM9 Great render. I really like the lightning. Vox is so cute haha, so far it has my vote

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    Something I just realized... This is challenge 747. Why is the theme not aircraft?

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