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    Indie team - RPG

    Hi, my name is Andrew.
    We are a small indie team- Dizzydevs, currently in development of an rpg.
    We are looking to fill positions in our team, to help us complete our game.
    The game will be targeted at steam for pc.

    We have been working on this game for about 9 months now, our team is currently made up of 2 people.
    Positions available are as follows;

    .3D artist- this position will consist of creating materials and assets, as most of the levels are done, we are begining focus on smaller assets to bring the levels to life, weapons will also be a big focus as we move into the finer details of our game.

    .2D artist - this job will ask the artist to replace our placeholder/programmer art, most of this revoles around the gui. Any concepts are welcomed and encouraged.
    We also need some icons designed for our perks and skills menus.

    . Music/audio artist- We already have some music and sounds, this person will need to create some music for the different levels and boss fights.
    It will be your task to play and test the game, in order to work out the current status in this department and work out what sounds we need.

    . Marketing - as we draw closer to our release, there is the marketing side of things that needs to be handled. Details for this positions will be discussed with you personally.

    You will have all the help that you need, as we work together as a team.
    Anyone wanting to join MUST be passionate about what they do and dedicated to the job.

    Inbox me for my email adress.
    We collaberate through skype, details will be discussed there.
    We have a working build, rather then explaining details of the game here, you can play it and get any details from me when we speak.

    Thanks for taking the time to read, we hope to hear from you soon.
    Regards, Andrew.

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