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Thread: ACE Crane

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    ACE Crane

    Here is a real-size model of Indian ACE Crane. I hope you like it.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    1920x1080 Resolution:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If anyone is interested, here is a turntable animation and some clay renders:

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    Really nice work.
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    I didn't believe at first it was honest CGI. I convinced myself only for the exact correspondence between the still render and the turntable.
    Excellent work. I like most the shining sunlight, really realistic.

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    I was wondering why someone would share a real life picture on a 3D modeling forum...simply amazing, great job!

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    Thanks! That's good I hope you liked the turntable, it was my very first.

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    Thanks! I am glad I made this better than my previous train scene.

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    Pshh quit lying, this is a photograph! I can tell because it looks to realistic! Okay, I am only joking about it being a photo but it is very realistic, honestly if you didn't tell me otherwise I would think it's a photo. Not even sure there is room for critique here
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    Thanks, Rob! And thanks HDRI HAVEN!

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    The image here is almost perfect (I say almost because I could nitpick on a few things, such as some textures could be a tad sharper or more detailed).

    Good work.
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    Thanks! yes. Especially the concrete textures

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    This is great! The only thing that seemed a bit out of place is the right part of the sky in bottom, perhaps a little too dark compared to the ground?

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    Hey, Usernew, I didn't realize you were the one who made this. I remember some of your entries in the weekend competition... Dang, I didn't know your were this good! Your entries were good, but this is amazing. Just a couple questions, if you don't mind.... How long did it take you to make this? And can you tell us more about the lighting? Surely it wasn't just an HDRI?
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    Hey, Rob! Thanks This was my third big project. I am just a beginner as of now.

    This took around two and a half weeks to complete with the latest revision with tyre marks. I would say 60% of the time was spent looking for reference images. They are so hard to find. Damn! I had to take screenshots from youtube videos and they were still not good enough. So, much of the engine compartment was not-so-good guess work. Honestly, this would have taken me 4-5 days max to finish this if I had good references.

    The lighting was purely from HDRI. Thanks to HDRI Haven!

    Initially, I was going for a more yellow sunset scene. But because I am a beginner, I had some problems with the lighting. See here:

    I then removed the yellow sun and just kept HDRI.

    This is the HDRI:

    oh! I occasionally pick up big projects where I learn most of the modeling stuff. If you are interested, here are some of my renders:

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    You know what, I have seen that train image before, very cool indeed. I only recently started working on 3D and so the only projects I have done so far are the weekend challenges, and during the week I just kind of fiddle around and learn new techniques... But, I'm thinking I should maybe start a project that I spend a couple weeks on, and see what happens. My problem though is I get kind of burnt out quickly, so the flow of spending 2 days over the weekend cranking out a project is more my pace, BUT I think that comes at a cost, which is not having enough time for the finer details... Anways, not sure why I am even mentioning all of that, it's pretty obvious. But yea, I think maybe I have some bad HDRI images because my lighting never comes out like that... I typically get this flat, omni-directional lighting that looks gross so I generally shy away from them... But this makes me think I am doing something wrong or using the wrong maps. I'll try a few from HDRI Haven and see what happens, been meaning to try it out since it went free anyways.
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