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    Building team for space and rocket-themed short.

    I'm making a 2 minute short to enter into a film festival. (I'll also put ads on it, so there is the potential to make money, which would be split evenly between all participating members of the project)

    The plot is that an astronaut's shuttle has an engine explode and it veers off course. His son tries to build a small rocketship to save him before his oxygen runs out. Throughout the video, as the boy does October Sky stuff (builds rockets that explode), a countdown timer will indicate when the oxygen runs out.

    At the end, he blasts off in a scrappy ship as the timer hits 0. The camera turns to space now and we see ship wreckage on a distant, vegetation-covered planet to find the father still alive. Cut to credits.

    I need about 8 models/rigs for random background people, several scenes, and then of course the animating. If anyone wants to join, please leave a comment or email me at [email protected] and check out my YouTube channel at

    And feel free to ask any questions!

    Thank you
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    Hello, I am interested in helping with the animation. When does the animation need to be done by?

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    I am also interested in helping with this project although i am not good at animation i can help with modeling.

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    i want to jion

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    There's no deadline, so working semi-frequently it'll get done within a month or two.

    As for modeling, that's great. I can animate but am new to modeling. PM or email me and I can make a list of props like vehicles and asteroids and such, plus we can discuss this video in further detail.

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    I would like to be evolved, I can model better than animate I'm a game design student and my 3d animation was with C4D, and been trying to get into projects with blender only. Give me a task and I can get it done.

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