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    Congrats beau11!

    Thx for the comment Millani! The graffiti wasn't mine. It was a image i found online what i think was suitable for the scene.
    'Not obsessing about absolute precision would also be wise. This is polygonal modeling which is approximation, and the precision required is for visual purposes. In other words, not a CAD.' - JA12

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    Originally Posted by str11 View Post
    And you can specify in detail the shortcomings of the model (there may be insufficient details or something else)?
    I actually found the model to be awesome, I don't see any shortcomings (did my wording suggest otherwise?). I think the only problem of the image is that the environment is fairly empty. But you probably spent quite some time on the model and there is only so much you can do in a weekend.

    @Helge Thanks! I have a piece of paper with some 20 ideas for signs, but there was not enough space to fit them all. The LiMux story also makes me sad. I wonder if Berlin will do the same with the airport once it is finished. I mean, clearly aeroplanes will be obsolete by then

    Originally Posted by GrimZA
    Just a question but how does everyone go about planning what they are going to model, like what are your preparations and how do you know that you're going to able to finish it in time?
    I often try something new every week, so I start with what I think will be the hardest thing. After cursing myself for trying something beyond my skills (I actually wanted to make a mob with hundreds of bots), I go to plan B (here, I just duplicated a dozen instead. Not great, but quick).

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    Congrats on the win, beau11. Nicely done.

    Thanks Millani for the comments. I wanted to give the tank a sort of human look, so that's why I added the hat. I went for the look of someone who would have been in the trenches, and hopeful wouldn't have fallen over when they fired there weapon.

    I might have been a bit hasty about calling The Jetsons cartoon old, of course this has nothing to do with the fact that we are from the same era.

    As to GrimZA 's question about planning. I make no plans at all. I just hope something springs to mind and then go with it. Not long after that I usually start cursing because I have started another project that I don't know how to do. Somehow I muddle through over the weekend and then I mostly post a render Monday night that is nearly finished but not quite as I never seem to have allowed enough time. Basically, it's just plane old chaos.

    For the hidden detail that Helge mentioned, I spotted a Robot Wars poster on DaN 's entry. I love that TV series. Looking forward to the ten way melee that will be part of the grand final.
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    @beau11 Well done on the win, nice entry

    @Millani Thanks for the feedback, I going for a Westworld reference in mine but didn't have much time, a few hours maybe

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    Thanks, Millani

    Those are laser beam cannons. The red eye is HAL 9000

    This project was intially to make a very simple robot and learn some rigging and basic movement. Then came the challenge coincidentally, so I added some extra stuff.

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