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    Make an addon to work with latest version of blender

    I have a PrioVR animation suit, unfortunately the software they provide doesn't export the animation files properly and it looks like its not going to be fixed in the near future. They are providing an addon for blender to stream the animation data of the bones, but it is coded for blender version 2.60.

    This is the link where the addon can be downloaded:

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    How does the suit work? Is it as good as perception neuron?

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    Originally Posted by thomascheng View Post
    How does the suit work? Is it as good as perception neuron?
    It is the same as perception neuron. It works pretty good, except the Mocap software, Importing a custom skeleton doenst work, I had some time to figure out how to export the animations so they dont get a gimbal lock, and there are some issues with the knees drifting when kneeling or pulling the knees up.
    But this suit can be very useful with blender, there are 2 hand controllers, with 5 buttons, joystick and a trigger, if the data from the controllers can be used in blender it would be possible to animate very complex things, fingers, wings, extra limbs, shapekeys etc..

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