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    Originally Posted by Rekov View Post
    After sorting mesh elements by distance from cursor, I still get something of an inconsistency, though not as great. Same with rebuilding the mesh.
    What mesh elements did you sort? For me sorting the vertices by distance from cursor (with the 3d cursor at the origin) gives the same symmetrical result as the mirror method.

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    Thank you for clarifying, howardt. I suppose I just find it unfortunate that in a case that seems almost an ideal test case like my model above, you could get such a divergence from what you might expect.

    Initial thoughts: Perhaps make the "adjustment" phase optional and controlled by a check box. Alternatively, have a check box to reorganize vertices before the adjustment phase. Both of these options run the risk of being non-intuitive to users, and potentially not very useful outside of a very few ideal cases, I don't know.

    I wonder if it might be better to split offset bevel into different functions that prioritize different constraints. Offset bevel already almost seems to do so. Take these two examples, both with a segment count of 2 and a profile of 1.00:

    In this case, the distance to the new edge from the beveled edge along existing edges is consistent, though not at the specified bevel amount, which was 0.05. The distance from the beveled edge to the new edge is not preserved at all (i.e. the green and pink lines).

    In this case, basically the opposite occurred. The offset along existing edges varies, but at all points the offset of the bevel itself is constant, and at the specified amount of 0.1.

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