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    @bazevedo, what is the biggest disappointment? - That the lights are still on, the world did not end, or that all of the beer is empty? ^^ ... You should have rendered it with 2000 samples.

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    I wanted to render it with higher samples, I just don't have time. You are on the right track with the world didn't end....

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    The Ultimate Answer.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The biggest question in the Universe deserves the biggest answer, and they don't come no bigger than this one. For more information, and valuable tips, check out The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

    Pure entry, 600 samples. I did use a fair few textures that I found in various places and the crowd was made using a Gimp brush. The image from the brush was changed to an SVG in Inkscape and then converted to a mesh in Blender. At a minimum, 90 percent of the time I spent on this image was in Blender, so that's why it's pure.
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    Guys, unfortunately I didn't put enough time in for my entry this weekend. I spent a handful of hours trying to sculpt a hand but it never quite came together and I was side tracked with some photography stuff this weekend so I didn't finish my entry Originally I had planned to have a giant hand grasping the planet, but alas it didn't come to fruition. Hoping to go all out next weekend though

    RobertT I love your entry, very intricate, but you know how I feel about black and white! Though, I think this works quite well. It's a very nice!

    Helge I would consider this one of my favorites, it's very much in your style as well. I think it's really quite awesome.

    Putr your entry is maybe my favorite competing, though DM9 also has a really nice render.
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    I have to pass the contest as well, didn't had much time and could not think of anything original. gl all!
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    The biggest Helmet in the universe

    May the Marvel fans forgive me)))Click image for larger version. 

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    Cycles pure 750 samples,filmic,denoising and some post processing

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    Well I believe I got my final render in just in time. Whew! Nice entries everyone. Best of luck to you all. Looks like a bunch of people were busy this weekend challenge.
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    Biggest space shuttle design flaw in the universe

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pure. Cycles, 576 samples.

    I just happened to be playing with planets so it seemed natural to put a silly prop-driven shuttle around one. And, yes, I know that clouds would never reach that far from the planet so let's call it space dust.

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    Str11 I love it! He was always one of my favorite characters, very cool idea!
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    @bazevedo: You are right. What a disappointment. Two digits should be enough for anybody. 00 for the win!

    Originally Posted by robproctor83 View Post
    Helge I would consider this one of my favorites, it's very much in your style as well. I think it's really quite awesome.
    Much too kind, but thanks a lot. ;-) I hope we'll all have a little more time next weekend - but Christmas always seems to have a negative effect on that...

    Originally Posted by beau11 View Post
    Im not sure everybody's opinion on this but for me it would help if we could a have guidelines for what would be considered pure and open. Especially with more people joining every week I just thought there should be more definition. It could range from use of tutorials and downloaded blends, to outside textures. It would help me for sure.
    You are right. The rules are a little vague and this has been causing discussions more than once. ;-)
    However, I'm fine with the current rules as they are already too long (not sure how many participants read the whole thing) and we'd need law books and lawyers to make everything airtight. (And in the end - pure or open doesn't even mean all that much, voting-wise.)

    Usually, entries will be more or less pure or more or less open. So, it is always a good idea to state what tools and materials were used in the creation of an entry. This way the voters can decide.

    Some personal thoughts on the main/recurring topics:
    Usually, using existing textures for WC projects should not affect the pure/open classification. I don't think that it is necessary to go outside and take new photos of sand every week. However, placing a photo of the universe's biggest something on a plane and calling it a pure entry feels a little cheap. ;-)

    If the add-on contributes to the entry in a significant way (important elements, a great number of elements, the main/foreground elements), I like to distinguish between internal (shipping with Blender by default like sapling, bolt factory, wall factory, ...) and external (installed manually like manuel bastioni lab) add-ons. Internal add-ons should be just fine. External ones should probably move an entry towards to the open end of the scale.

    Of course, this is a matter of laws and it heavily depends on your country, but personally, I try to just stay away from copyrighted stuff. Using other peoples work limits the things you can do with your entry in the future. I wouldn't want to put hours of work into something that I don't have full control over afterwards.

    This part is easy. We actually have rather precise rules for that :-)

    I don't think there is anything wrong with using tutorials. The way I see it, preventing people from learning new things is quite the opposite of what this challenge is aiming for.

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