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    Contract for a single 3D character.

    My name is David, I am a indie developer lookin' for somebody to do a dwarven character for my game.
    A bit about myself: I been doing coding work for small companies around the Boston area, I have a small project that I have been working on for the past 6 months (mainly coding, storyline, scene design), it is a video game, yes. I have a full-time job that is sadly nothing related to either coding or game development so this project of mine will take a long time to be done and my 3d modeling skills are... very much ok, doing the main character would take me a long time, here is when you come in.

    What I need: I have done the base model of the character, added a very basic rig to it and a awful UV Unwrap, this I will give to you. I will need you to re-do its rig, UV Unwrapping, texture painting and maybe fix some of its base model here and there (its muscles do not look that good) to make the character look more realistic.

    The character should not have a beard nor facial hair, it will be added later on with the game engine. The rig should have every bone used by a humanoid, toes, hands, basic facial expressions, preferably not shape keys but bones instead. No animations needed. Its UV Unwrap should be relatively easy to edit (to change its skin tones and other things). Its model also needs a bit of work, muscles should look a bit more realistic, on its arms and chest. Face should be easy to edit so that I can come back and change it as I need it to have different lookin' dwarves.

    Summarize: Character base model will be given (see attached image for a preview), needs a better rig, better UV Unwrap, painted textures and fix model as needed to give it more of a realistic look. This should be easy money for a experienced artist.

    Send me a private message to discuss the contract.
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    Hi David,

    I have a small team of 2D & 3D art, Character Modelling, Background art designing.I am sharing some of our work. If you like them please share your contact details by PM me.
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