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    FPS starter kit UPBGE


    Hi everyone,

    Happy new year for all the community

    I'm 3D artist since more than 10 years on Blender and today i have work on the first starter kit to build an FPS on Blender UPBGE.

    I have see no template existing like UE4 to create an game, so i have decide to made an complete system and optimized FPS template.

    The template work at 120FPS on my Vega 64 8go to 60FPS for less graphic card, level design made more than 170k poly (real art but can have better performance with cartoon game).

    Not recommended for gpu have less than 4go memory.

    VERSION WORK --------------------------------------------

    less not good performance
    upbge 0.2.1
    upbge 0.2.2
    upbge 0.2.3

    80% logic brick
    20% python script

    MINIMAL SPEC --------------------------------------------

    4go GPU
    8go ram
    processor i3 or amd fx
    get 60fps max (for fps real like the preview, but can have more fps if it's cartoon type)

    RECOMMENDED SPEC --------------------------------------------

    6go or 8go gpu (like vega 56 or gtx 1070)
    16go ram
    processor i5 or amd ryzen
    get 135fps max (for fps real like the preview, but can have more fps if it's cartoon type)

    INCLUDE IN TEMPLATE --------------------------------------------

    - 1911 gun and animation
    - ppsh 41 gun and animation
    - dynamic bullet and shell bullet
    - lighting
    - sky with animation cloud
    - lens flare
    - couch
    - jump
    - run
    - wall collision
    - bullet hole by material
    - complete sound effect
    - zombie AI (with different damage by weapon)
    - health bar with regeneration if no damage by delay
    - sprint bar with limit regeneration
    - money system and buy system (like Call of duty nazi zombie system)
    - kill Ai give you money
    - AI full animated, idle, walk, attack
    - filter, DOF, light, color correction, noise, and more

    Easy to customize and speed, documentation will be made before publishing.

    To have the best performance i think the best way is to disable shadow, and bake as texture AO shadow, like that it get up Framerate to 30fps, but by default the shadow are enable at minimal for good render and minimal memory.

    I think made video soon but no time actually i'm would like finish to made menu system for custom settings.


    Let me know if you are interested to have an template like this, i will propose it on my website soon.

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    Yeah, a template like this would be awesome

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    This is looking cool.

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    That is impressive for BGE.

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    Thank you, i think improve some part before publishing and polish template but i'm happy to see it to be interesting to help guys in developpement.

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    New update in video, some bug are present yet but it's minor bug, you can see all system how is work.

    Note: the framerate is not correct because screen capture, but i have normaly 100 fps

    If you want this template when he will be finish you can send me your email at [email protected], like that i can contact you whe release is coming.


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    No it's because on the video the framerate is slow if you see 30fps, but is work at 60 to 120fps normaly, it's for that^^.

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    new environement design with garage
    garage door can be open and close, with sound effect
    many others sound effects, improve FPS
    Ai zombie improve collision and less resource

    when i fire FPS down a lot because logic and rasterizer is used
    when AI spanw FPS down like 10 to 30FPS depend number of zombie

    If someone know how to improve that part maybe use replication for zombie, and bullet.


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