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    Going home

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    When all else fails go with a UFO, that's what I always reckon.
    I will call this one open as I made the signs in Gimp and used the free grass addon for some weeds. Lots of textures used, all are from
    700 samples.
    Deviantart profile.

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    @Helge Funny how you made a meta-stack using multiple images

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    "Gumdrop Stop"

    Like most people I started out making a flying bus, but switched after seeing so many entries. Didn't have time to fully make the scene I wanted.

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    GTX 780-i5 Quad-16 GB
    Chocobanana - The Captain - Snow Leopard- Neanderthal

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    Soviet Bus stop

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    Cycles pure 1k samples,filmic with denoising.
    Modelling in Blender,post processing in photoshop(raindrops and colour correction).I'm tried to make some cyberpunk style with soviet symbols,posters.

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    Originally Posted by Millani View Post
    @Helge Funny how you made a meta-stack using multiple images
    Now that you say it... this was on purpose (of course) - how couldn't it be. ;-)

    Originally Posted by GlassViolet13 View Post
    This is the first time I post here.
    I think the entry can be called pure, I created everything by myself. I was inspired by the animation movie "Cars".
    Unfortunately, your posts were not visible until after the deadline, as they were caught by auto-moderation. As I can't edit the voting once it has been started, I added your entry in the non-competing section. I think it deserves to be on display in some way, at least.

    It would be great if you joined next weekend's challenge as well. :-) And if you should run into this issue again - just let my know via PM. This way I can add you to the voting even if the entry has not been green-lit by then.

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