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    Request for LOTS of Open-World Environment Game Assets [UNPAID]

    Hello there! If you need something to fill your spare time to the brim, then boy you're in for a treat!

    NOTE: Anything submitted must be compatible with the BGE, meaning any models that use nodes, particle systems, or other stuff the Blender Game Engine can't support must be converted.

    For a 3D open-world car game I am making, I need buildings and roads to make a large (about 4.5 sq. km or 1.7 sq. mi) post-apocalyptic city that will be the bulk of the world. Specifically what models I need are as follows with smaller numbers meaning absolute minimum and larger number being the best amount:

    1. 10 - 17 Large buildings like skyscrapers, power plants, and construction cranes.
    2. 11 - 17 Medium sized buildings like warehouses, churches, jails, city halls, schools, apartment complexes, etc.
    3. 9 - 14 Smaller buildings like houses.
    4. Modular road pieces with curbs (the only ones I really need are straight pieces, 4-way and 3-way intersections, and some bridge components for overpasses, as I layout my roads with NURBS curves and a Curve & Array modifier combo.)
    5. Streetlights and traffic signs. Don't need too many unique models.

    Requirements for any buildings:

    • Should contain NO COPYRIGHTED ANYTHING, except as allowed by docs like the GPL or other EULAs.
    • Triangle Counts
      • For large buildings no more than 10K triangles
      • For medium and small buildings no more than 5K triangles

    • Texturing
      • Properly UV mapped
      • Textures should be reasonably sized (not over 4096*4096)
      • You don't need to go all-out on the textures, only diffuse ones are really needed.

    • Modelling tips
      • Since in the game the player is confined to the third-person view of a car *generally* the player will only see the bottom halves of taller buildings (except when far away) so you can put more polygons into the lower parts of said buildings.
      • You need no *modelled* details like lawns, grasses, trees, ivy, etc. on your buildings as I will add that myself, just the structures themselves.
      • You do NOT need to model the insides of buildings except when exposed, and even then just make it barebones: the building itself, not any other objects within buildings.
      • You don't need to model any LoDs, as I will do them myself.
      • Here are some pictures to show the general idea of what I'm looking for:

    Requirements for anything else:

    • Should contain NO COPYRIGHTED ANYTHING, except as allowed by docs like the GPL or other EULAs.
    • Triangle Counts:
      • I'd say for the road pieces probably 50 - 150 tris each
      • For everything else nothing should exceed 125 triangles.

    • Texturing
      • Properly UV-mapped
      • For roads textures can be up to 2048*2048
      • Everything else doesn't need to be above 256*256 textures
      • Only a diffuse map is really necessary.

    • Modelling Tips:
      • Make your assets as efficient as possible while still looking good. The less polygons the better.
      • Roads should be cracked and faded asphalt and have sidewalks in a similar fashion.
      • Street lights and signs should be rusty, bent, broken, or anything else to make it look like the apocalypse hit those things in the face.
      • I will make LoDs for any models submitted, so you don't need to make those.

    I know that this is a lot to ask for but I just can't model buildings. I'm more of the coding guy in my line of work, but I can model things like landscapes and vegetation, just not this kind of stuff. These are the only things I need to make this game complete, as I have made everything else.

    I would recommend that one person alone shouldn't do everything, but rather several people from the community submit what they are capable of doing, whether it be one building or a whole category, just make sure that they fit the themes established by my now extremely long post and the pictures provided.

    I need any models you guys want to submit sent to me via PM BY THE LATEST February 5th.

    I hope it's ok to ask of this much; I don't want to inconvenience anyone/drive them insane.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who helps, whether in small or large part.

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    I have low poly buildings both residential and Skyscraper in one of my harddrives. I will update this post when I found them.

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    If you can send all of them you have.

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