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Thread: RPG equipment

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    Originally Posted by edderkop View Post
    save your savegame in a binary file would also prevent the casual cheater from cheating.
    Adding some kind of obfuscation under the cover of "disk space optimization" :P

    Use the struct module for that:
    You need to take into consideration the type of each value you want to store, but it should work out ok !

    Or if you don't care about cheaters at the beginning just go either with the `bge.logic.saveGlobalDict` or dumping things using `json` (or `pickle`). Its up to you really.

    (you can even just dump the json string representation as base64, should prevent lambda people from looking at some ugly file, it requires almost 0 work and acts as a simple deterrent)

    Because I think you already have some fun work to do setting up the items you will spawn in the BGE

    Lastly, just in case you want to learn a side skill, you can use this resource:

    Depends on what you want to do, but I think it can be fun to learn a new tech from times to times, and using SQL with SQLite can be a nice little experience.
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    BGE Python framework:

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