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    Originally Posted by kumayuki View Post
    Thank you for your comment.
    Next time I would like to try a workaround for banding artifacts.

     Banding artifacts against gradual sloping obstacles #1

    I have not fully understood the bubbles yet. I want to improve.
    Originally Posted by RLGUY View Post
    The banding effect is caused by a limit of the solver. Very gradual slopes such as in beach wave simulations result in very thin layers of fluid that are only 1 particle thick. This is something the FLIP method has trouble with. With these thin liquid layers, there just doesn't seem to be enough data for the solver to resolve the physics in a clean way. I've been trying a few different things, but have not yet found a way to fix this issue. Hopefully I'll come up with something!

    There is a 'Foam Advection Strength' parameter in the Whitewater Settings panel that could help with this.

    Advection Strength: The strength of the advection force that carries the foam with the fluid velocity. High values cause tighter streaks of foam that closely follow the fluid motion. Lower values will cause more diffuse and spread-out foam.

    Thanks Pavel_Blend, I have your details entered into the application pool.
    thanks for your answers!

    It's a shame about the FLIP limit for this, is a problem I noticed many times. Hope you can find a solution to this! If I am not mistaken houdini also uses FLIP, but I saw beach waves sim without that problem (or at least, it wasn't noticeable). Maybe there is some interesting info related to houdini sims around.

    About the foam, that settings looks like it could be a good solution!
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    Might have seen all of those in other places but I thought I compile them all in one video with added information and links in the description.

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